tailing slurry pump guard plate repair epoxy anti wear compound coating

BD7024 high temperature anti corrosion chemical impact abrasion wearing resistant coating epoxy compound used in repairing and protecting mining use tailing slurry pump front and back guard plate ceramic rubber lining:


May of 2016,as the serious erosive wear of the tailing slurry pump front and back guard plate of Tongbai Yindongpo Gold Mine Co.,Ltd,
make the volute casing and guard plate decompose and send them to Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,after inspecting,
we found that the most part of this slurry pump has already repaired before,the pump case which is repaired by the anti wear abrasion resistant
coating products from other manufacturer(resolve from the color and raw material) is serious abrasion,even perforation,the erosive wear of
the pump case which is repaired by the anti wear abrasion resistant coatings from Xiangyang City hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd is
obvious slight,so the Tongbai gold mine decided to choose the new product(BD7024 slurry pump anti wear impact resistant coating) which
researched and developed by Xaingyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd as the repairing material.

 Slurry pump material: high chromium alloy

The workpiece before repairing:
guard plate and volute casing have serious abrasion,partial  volute casing has already worn through,the part of feed inlet is serious deletion.

The repairing difficulties:
There is no sealing ring between front & back guard plate and  volute casing of this pump,it depends on taper for sealing completely,
the accuracy requirement is very high.

Material selection: BD7024 slurry pump repair anti impact wear resistant coating and special prime coat.

Construction tools:
Angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,plaster knife,plastic knife,rubber hammer,special rounding tools,hair brush,electronic scale,drying oven.

 Auxiliary materials: cleaning agent,duster cloth,gloves.

1.Construction technology:
Do the sand blasting treatment for the workpiece surface,clean it by cleaning agent and dry it by airing,and get the clean,dry and roughening surface.

2.Weigh A and B component of high strength special prime coat according to the specified ratio and mix them uniformly,and be coating on the
surface of prime coat without curing and make it be compacted,and wait for the primer/prime coat curing,when the temperature is low,
can heat it up to promote the primer/prime coat curing.

3.Weigh the BD7024 slurry pump repairing anti impact abrasion resistant coating according to the specified ratio and mix it uniformly,
make the mixture uniform materials be coating on the pending-repair part,knock on it to be compacted with rubber hammer,and repair
the surface of adhesive layers to be smooth with special rounding tools,make the surface to be flat and smooth.

4.Curing:BD7024 slurry pump repair anti wear impact resistant coating can be initial curing at room temperature,after initial curing,
heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree slowly and keep this temperature for 2-3 hours,only in this way,it can improve 30% combination property.
Generally it can exceed the working life of new pump.(if the condition is allowed,try to use the way of heating for curing)

5.Trim the matching part to reach to assembly size.

6.Non-matching part should be brush coating with primer/prime coat or spray coating.

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