copper mine flotation tank repair anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant coating

BD7052 anti abrasion wearing corrosion impact chemical resistant coatings epoxy compound used in copper mine flotation tank ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting:

In the process of copper mine flotation,along with electromotor triangular belt transmission drives impeller rotation,generate centrifugal effect
and form negative pressure,one side inhale enough air and mix with the ore pulp,on the other hand stir the sand washer,the heavy mineral of
4.2 density(g/cm3)(such as copper pyrites etc.) is very easy to be floating upward,but the quartz of 2.7 density(g/cm3) is sinking in the bottom,
impellers stir ore pulp and quartz sand,it will generate abrasion to the tank/cell body,even abrasion/wear perforation during serious.In the process
of modern copper mine flotation,the application of flotation reagent is especially important,because after passing flotation reagent treatment,
it can change the floatability of the mineral,make the floatative mineral of flotation machine can adhere to the bubble selectively,thereby achieve
the goal of mineral dressing.The most commonly used collecting agent of flotation copper pyrites is the xanthate and aerofloat,this medicament will
generate corrosion,and affect the equipment working life seriously.In the process of copper mine flotation,abrasion and corrosion are combined action,
it is more destructive than single abrasion or corrosion,usually the equipment will be scrapping for using a very short time,it will affect enterprise
normal operation seriously.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd passed many years’ endeavor,researched and developed a kind of anti wear abrasion corrosion
resistant coating named BD7052 flotation cell special anti corrosion wear resistant coating,this material is compounded by modified high molecular
material and abrasion resistant skeletal material.It has the advantage of high bonding strength,excellent wearing abrasion resistant performance and
corrosion resistant performance,good water resistant performance and aging resistant performance,good construction performance and economic
and environmental protection etc.It can avoid abrasion and corrosion phenomenon of flotation tank/cell inner wall effectively.

Construction technology of BD7052 flotation cell special repair epoxy compound anti corrosion abrasion wear resistant coating:
First: The preparations before flotation cell/tank construction:
1.Clean up the tailing slurry from tank/cell body.
2.Keep the tank/cell body be clean,dry and without water(should also clear up the flotation rotor underside)
3.Prepare the industrial alcohol or ethyl acetate
4.Power cord socket,angle grinder,grind segment,electronic blender and putty knife.
5.Matching a set of table type air blower to clean up the surface dust.
Second:Surface treatment:
Do the sand blasting treatment for the flotation cell/tank inner wall,the surface after sand blasting treatment should be cleaned by industrial alcohol or
ethyl acetate etc. and dry it by airing.
Third:The preparation of BD7052 flotation cell/tank epoxy repair compound corrosion wear abrasion resistant coating:
Make the A and B two components of BD7052 flotation tank/cell special anti wearing abrasion corrosion resistant coating mix uniformly according to
the weight ratio A:B=4:1,and use it up within 30 min.Generally it is while construction and preparation,every time the largest preparation quantity is
not more than 20Kg,construction in winter,when the temperature is too low,you could properly heat up the A component to reduce the viscosity for
easy to configure.
Fourth: Coating:
The suitable coating thickness of BD7052 flotation cell/tank special anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating is 3-8mm(generally the thickness of
groove inner wall is 3mm,the thickness of rotor and its underside serious abrasion part is 6mm).Make the well mixed materials be coating on the
pending-repair part layer by layer,the first layer should be compacted,make it infiltrate fully with the substrates.Repair the surface to be smooth with
scraper blade after the coating is coated in the suitable size.
It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 degree,generally construction in winter,you could do the irradiation heating
with the iodine tungsten lamp or electric hot plate.
Construction case photos show:

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