slurry pump pipe ceramic lining wearing repair compound epoxy paste coating

High temperature anti corrosion abrasion wearing chemical resistant coating epoxy compound used in slurry pump pipeline ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting:

Slurry pump as a branch of general purpose pump,mainly used in the place where contains higher solid particulates in the pumping slurry,
it has widely applications in the field of mineral processing,coal washing,slag and sewage discharge,pumping sand,riverway and port dredging etc.
As it contains high solid particle in the pumping medium,the abrasion is very serious,although the manufacturer chooses higher cost high chrome alloy material,properly prolong the working life of slurry pump,the working life of pumps is shortest under some special working condition,it is about 3-10 days.
the general working life of slurry pump operating in the mineral separation system is 1-3 months.As the cost of slurry pump is higher,when the fixed
equipment become a kind of consumable items,it will bear much higher cost incidence for the users.Such as the annual output value of a molybdenum ore
in south is less than 200 million,the annual procurement pump parts need 6-7 million,based on the above reasons,the users urgently want to find out
a kind of material to repair used scrapped work piece to reduce the operating cost.Some manufacturers also try to use the way of epoxy resin and
abrasive material(carborundum,silicon carbide,high alumina ceramic) to do the repairing at present,the result is common,it is very hard to reach to the
working life of new work piece,even if use imported abrasion wearing resistant compound coating to repair it,it still can not reach to half of working life
of the new work piece.frequent disassembling not only increased the work intensity of maintenance workers but also affected the normal production
operation,make a lot of companies lose confidence for repairing slurry pump gradually.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd depends on the basis of researching & developing and producing anti abrasion wear resistant
coating for decades of years,also try to use epoxy material and abrasion resistant polyurethane material to do the repairing and experimental working of
more than 100 sets slurry pumps,they find that the simple epoxy material and polyurethane material are very hard to satisfy the working condition of
slurry pump operating Many years of practical experience makes Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd get this idea,in order to satisfy
the actual operation working condition of slurry pump.

The repair materials must satisfy the following conditions:

1.It has excellent bonding force,not only form strong adhesion/bonding to the base material of high chromium alloy,but also form the strong adhesion/
bonding to the abrasive particles from materials
2.The material shoud have high cohesion strength,the modulus shoud be large,once there is appearing injured part,can’t expand quickly to cause the overall
failure of anti abrasion wear resistant coating under the slurry erosive wear.
3.The material should have enough toughness and anti-fatigue ability,can resist the continual impact of larger particles from materials and not damage.
Based on the above cognition,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd chooses 1,5-Naphthalene diisocyanate(NDI) and
polytetramethylene-oxide glycol(PTMG) polyurethane prepolymer to modified epoxy resin.the rigidity,regularity and symmetry of NDI molecule from
NDI-PTMG system polyurethane elastomer is high,the strength and abrasion resistance of PTMG is good,make the NDI-PTMG system can improve the
degree of phase separation of polyurethane system fundamentally,obtain even more excellent mechanical property and physical performance,the product has
features of high wear abrasion resistant,high heat resistant,high strength,high springback,small endogenous heat,excellent dynamic performance,oil resistant,
corrosion resistant,radiation resistant and long working life etc.It can be said that the material with the most excellent performance in the polyurethane,
but because the prepolymer stability of NDI system is bad,it will affect the application of this kind polyurethane.Make the excellent performance of
NDI-PTMG system bring in the epoxy system,and take advantage of the epoxy system feature of high strength and large modulus,it can obtain a kind of
base material of repairing slurry pump with excellent comprehensive performance,at the same time it also solves the disadvantage of NDI system can
not be storage.
The basic procedure of NDI-PTMG modified epoxy as follow:
Make PTMG batch charging into reaction still,heat up and vacuumize,then put into liquated NDI,it will react fully under the appropriate temperature,
then put into the accurate mensuration epoxy resin,make the NGO radical and partial hydroxy on the epoxy resin molecular chain cross-linking reaction.
Pour moderate pure epoxy resin and small material into the modified NDI-PTMG epoxy resin,and make them stir uniformly,then put into the abrasive
material after passing surface treatment and stir it uniformly,in this way,it can be preparation of the base(A component) of slurry pump repairing coating,
choose the suitable epoxy curing agent as the B component.The main types based on preparation of slurry pump repairing material in this way are BD7044,
BD7042,BD7011 and BD7014 etc.The general natural size repairing life of slurry pump repairing material based on NDI-PTMG modified epoxy resin
preparation can reach to 1.5-2 times more than new workpiece life,for the larger particle material working condition,sometimes it can even reach to 4
times working life,it can also repair for many times repeatedly,thereout it can obtain a conclusion,the abrasion resistant performance of modified wear
resistant coatings is 1.5 times more than high chromium alloy,at the same time the impact resistant performance also increases several times more than
simple epoxy resin abrasion resistant coating.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd takes advantage of this core modified technology,at the same time they are also preparation of
the abrasion wearing resistant coating which used for centrifuge,magnetic separator,flotation cell and cyclone(including heavy medium cyclone),they both
obtain good using effect,for example: make the BD709 anti impact wear resistant coatings be coating on the surface of magnetic separator roller body,

it can solve the impact wear of high-altitude falling material,on the ball mill,cyclone of heavy medium coal washing and horizontal centrifuge,
it can fill up broken ceramic lining brick,the using effect on the surface of vertical centrifuge material inlet scraper is also better than imported epoxy
abrasion wear resistant protective agent,the applications on the internal surface of pipeline,elbow,chute,draught fan shell,coarse fine powder separator,
dust remover,cyclone,powder concentrator and desulfurization absorption tower etc both obtain the effect of more than imported products.
Detailed construction technology as follow:
1.Do the sand blasting treatment for the workpiece surface,obtain the clean,dry and coarse surface.
2.The preparation of high strength prime coat and smear it on the workpiece surface of sand blasting treatment.
3.The preparation of modified anti wear abrasion resistant coating and smear it on the surface of prime coat without curing and make it be compacted.
4.Curing at room temperature or heat for curing,if the condition is allowed,try to heat up for curing.
5.Trim matching part should reach to assembly dimensions.
6.Brush coating the topcoat or spray coating for the non-matching part.

Construction case photos show of our slurry pump repair wearing compound anti abrasion corrosion chemical resistant coating:

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