impact wearing resistant compound epoxy ceramic coating repair cyclone

Anti chemical corrosion impact abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy coatings and pouring type wear resistant liquid rubber coating used in repairing and protecting cyclone ceramic lining:

Cyclone is a kind of doing the separation equipment for liquid-solid two-phase mixture under the the action of centrifugal force and gravity,mixed liquor enter
into the cyclone with a certain tangential pressure,it is high speed revolution in the cylindrical cavity,the larger density component in the mixture is downward movement along the axial direction,and outward movement along the radial direction,after arriving at the cone body section,it is downward movement along the
outer wall,and exhaust from the the bottom port,the smaller density component is movement along the axis direction,it will form a upward movement vortex on
the axis centre then exhaust from the overflow port,the cyclone is widely used in mineral processing,coal washing and chemical field.
Cyclone suffers erosive wear from the solid-liquid two-phase flow for a long time,the equipment is damaged quickly,the manufacture factories often use anti
wear abrasion resistant ceramic lining plate,polyurethane rubber or nature rubber,the abrasion wear resistant coating worked as the lining to prolong the working
life of the cyclone,the wear abrasion resistant ceramic lining plate often used in heavy medium cyclone and larger solid particle cyclone,the polyurethane rubber
often used in solid material with smaller particle size cyclone,the abrasion wear resistant coating often used in the cyclone with material of medium grain size or smaller grain size.The bonding of abrasion wear resistant ceramic lining plate type cyclone ceramic liner plate often uses the BD131 cyclone repairing special
wear resistant adhesive from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,this adhesive is rich in rubber component,the bonding strength is high,the
water resistant performance is good,it also has good impact resistant ability.

After this kind of cyclones running for a period of time,after the ceramic lining plate having worn thin,it will appear partial ceramic liner plate shredding or
falling off phenomenon,generally it needs Return To Depot,make the old ceramic lining plate dismantle completely and reinstall the new ceramic lining plate,
replacing the damaged ceramic lining plate separately is not realistic,because it is used ceramic lining plate of too many specifications in the cyclone,it is difficult
for the users to buy the required specification lining plate from the ceramic liner plate manufacturer,even though they could buy the required specification lining plate,the original location installation is also very difficult,on the other hand the thickness of new lining plate is certainly much thicker than wearing surrounding
liner plate,even though you could fit on it,it will also destroy the movement of the fluid to form the melt turbulence to reduce the performance of the cyclone.

Based on the condition of damaged lining plate can not be Return To Depot in time,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd recommended the BD7044 anti impact abrasion resistant coating to solve this kind of problems,the abrasion resistant performance of BD7044 is the 1.5 times more than high
chromium alloy,the impact resistant performance is better than the wear abrasion resistant ceramic,make the BD7044 be coating on the damaged part and
make it be compacted,make the coating has the same thickness as the surrounding lining plate,it can avoid appearing the melt turbulence,only in this way,
it can get the good using effect,polyurethane rubber lining type cyclone will also appear the abrasion and falling off problems of the rubber layer during using.
BD938 pouring type (liquid) wear abrasion resistant rubber coating can rebuild new polyurethane abrasion wear resistant rubber coating on the surface of
original polyurethane rubber coatings,can also use for repairing damaged polyurethane rubber wear resistant coating.This material has higher bonding strength
to polyurethane rubber,you need the special prime coat to transit and increase the bonding force during bonding of metal directly.

The cyclone with lining the KM material type anti abrasion wear resistant coating,you can make the BD7044 or BD7042 anti impact abrasion resistant coatings
be coating on the new cyclone,both of BD7044 and BD7042 are the modified resin type anti wear abrasion coating which taken advantage of NDI-PTMG core technology by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the above two kinds of material was developed and produced based on repairing slurry
pump originally,it also got good using effect for applying to cyclone industry.After the cyclone operating for one cycle,when the anti wear abrasion resistant
coating has abrasion,you can smear the new abrasion wear resistant coating on the surface of old coatings directly,make a set of cyclone can be used for
almost indefinitely.

Construction case photos show:

Typical application of repair wear equipment of various working conditions with our anti abrasion coating

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