air blower bearing running ring epoxy fastening bonding adhesive

High temperature anti wear abrasion corrosion chemical resistant epoxy fastening adhesives used in repairing roots air blower wearing bearing running inner or outer ring:

Wearing bearing running inner or outer ring is that bearing inner ring and shaft generate relative slip or bearing outer ring and bearing pedestal generate
relative slip.When it is serious,the surface of matching workpiece will appear scratch or grind to be groove,the temperature of bearing part is a little high,
the vibration is large,the negative effects which caused by the bearing running outer ring for the equipment are very large,it aggravated the abrasion of
mating parts,even scrap,eroded the equipment,reduced the machine precision,in addition,enlarged the frictional force,make a large number of energy turn
into useless thermal energy and noise,so appear this kind of condition,should be according to the actual situation,arrange the overhaul as soon as possible.

Three blade roots air blower of Xiangyang east steam thermal electricity sewage treatment plant appeared malfunction during operation,the fault is that the
front end bearing of the first principal axis runs the outer ring through inspection.Due to the parts of this fan is imported from Japan,if you buy it from abroad,
the cycle is long,the cost is high,and it also affect the normal operation of the system,lead to the overproof sewage discharge.

This company uses BD820 bearing running inner ring and outer ring fastening adhesive which produced by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating material
Co.,Ltd to do the repairing,this adhesive is the high strength bonding compound which is made of modified high temperature resin and high temperature
resistant curing agent,can repair,fill in and restore the abrasive/wear size of the shaft and bearing pedestal,it can effectively solve the phenomenon of
bearing running the inner ring and outer ring.

1.The material after curing of this product has high noumenal strength and strong bonding force.
2.The material is not flowing,the effective filling gap is large,can fill in the gap of single side not more than 6mm.
3.High temperature resistant,the highest working temperature is 200 degree.
4.Assembly site operation maintenance,easy to operate.

Under the guidance of technical personnel from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the construction personnel of east steam company
use the ethyl ester to clean the surface of bearing and bearing pedestal first,dry it by airing,the preparation of BD820 bearing running ring fastening adhesive
according to the specified ratio,and smear it on the surface of matching workpiece uniformly,then do the assembly,it can be starting up for operation after
curing for 6 hours generally at room temperature(25 degree),if you are eager to starting up,it can be put into using after heating it up to the temperature of
80-100 degree and keeping this temperature for 2 hours with hot wind.






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