slurry circulating pump repair anti abrasion wear resistant epoxy coating

Slurry circulating pump repair and other desulphurization system equipment anti corrosion wear abrasion resistant protecting:
Power plant desulfurization system,such as the absorption tower,pipeline,elbow and slurry recycle pump etc.main equipment,due to long time scour,
corrosion and abrasion,frequently appear the problems of rubber lining falling off,partial revealing,pipeline blocking etc.Slurry pump impeller and pump case,
guard plate also need periodic replacement maintenance,the impeller and pump body have serious abrasion,
we usually change it after using for 7-9 months,some of them have shorter replacement cycle.The traditional maintenance method is not only
time-consuming and high cost,but also need to tear down the equipment,affects the normal operation of power plant.Xiangyang City Hundred Shield
Coating Material Co.,Ltd summarized a set of complete repair technology through many years research & development and construction.
Using two kinds of macromolecule polymeric ceramic material (BD707 small particle ceramic bead filling epoxy compound anti abrasion wear resistant
coating and BD426 anti corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy adhesive) cooperatively,can effectively repair the desulfurization system equipment of
suffering cavitation,corrosion,wear and abrasion,at the same time can conform to the high performance requirements of the desulfurization device based on
repair materials.This material has excellent performance of abrasion wear resistant and corrosion resistant,the comprehensive result is higher than
high chromium alloy,rubber lining and ceramic liner plate etc. scheme.
Technical support
1. According to the scheme of cooperation,we can offer the site operation service or technical guidance services.
2. We could provide free technical training for the first cooperation customers.
Service scope:
Our company is specialized in the maintenance services and technical support of power plant desulfurization system absorption tower,pipeline,elbow and
slurry circulating pump etc.other main equipment,according to the requirement of the cooperative unit,we could provide site construction or provide the
construction scheme.
Typical application of repairing wear equipment from thermal power,cement,coal washing and mineral processing
how and where does our anti wear coating is applied

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