slurry recycle pump anti wear corrosion resistant repair ceramic epoxy coating

high temperature anti wear abrasion corrosion impact chemical resistant epoxy compound coatings used in desulfuration slurry circulating pump guard jacket and impeller ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting:

Thermal power generation desulfurization slurry circulating pump suffers the limestone slurry long-term corrosion and scouring action,it happens damage
and affect the normal use,due to the value of slurry circulating pump is higher,it is necessary to repair it for using again.The desulfurization system
slurry circulating pump is usually two kinds of rubber lining pump and metal pump.

1.Rubber lining pump sheath repairing: rubber lining pump damage modes are usually lining rubber coating broken,swell debonding,repair is based on
rubber lining repairing.Clean up the rubber from damaged and debonding part,until bonding solid to metal shell,and trim the suitable groove,polishing treatment
for the metal substrates,configuration the BD426 prime coating,make it be coating on the metal substrate and rubber groove,BD426 special prime coating
has excellent bonding force to both metal and rubber,when BD426 is not curing,make the well mixing BD707 anti wear resistant coatings or BD704
anti abrasion resistant coatings or BD772 silicon carbide coatings be coating to the surface of the BD426 prime coat,trim it to be smooth,smear a layer of
BD426 prime coat on the surface of anti wear abrasion resistant coating again to do the fully curing.

2.The guard plate,metal sheath repairing:Do the polishing or sand blasting treatment for the workpiece,the surface after coarsening treatment should be
cleaned by cleaning agent,smear the well mixing BD426 prime coating on it,smear the BD707 abrasion wear resistant coating or BD704 wear abrasion
resistant coating on the surface of the prime coat without curing,and make it be compacted and trim it to be smooth,smear the BD426 prime coating on
its surface for fully curing.The size should not be out-of-tolerance to affect the assembly during repairing.

3. The impeller blades repairing:
3.1:After the impeller sand blasting processing,marking out on each blade and drilling M6 holes (make sure that the location of each blade hole shoud be corresponding,it is advisable to be 25mm for the distance between holes),impeller matrix.Can also choose punching according to the circumstance.
If the size defect of impeller end is much more,should do spot welding steel screen as the framework.

Clean the surface of the impeller with cleaning agent,smear the BD426 prime coat,smear the BD772 wear resistant silicon carbide coating during
the prime coating without curing,make it be compacted and trim it to be smooth,do the fully curing.Then do the vertical lathe processing to the
original size of workpiece,transfer to the dynamic balance test bed for doing the balance test,remove or add coating or metal until to be balance,
the balance of the workpiece should ensure to be flat and smooth.After finishing the dynamic balance,can brush coating a layer of BD426 anti
chemical corrosion resistant coatings on the surface of workpiece uniformly.After the coating complete curing,and then do the packaging and transshipment.

3.2:For damage slightly impeller blades,you don’t need punching operation,according to the remaining 3.1 steps to complete.
Typical application of repairing wear equipment from thermal power,cement,coal washing and mineral processing
Industrial protective coating application in various mining industry equipment
how and where does our anti wear coating is applied

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