elastic anti abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound potting adhesive

Flexible elastic anti chemical abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound potting adhesive used in the workshop floor epoxy coating of terrace repairing and protecting:


One of some factories built the new plant,the workshop floor uses epoxy wear abrasion resistant coating of terrace,there is a streak of expansion joint
with width 3mm,depth 10mm for the floor every other 6 meters,because below the expansion joint is the cement matrix,there is often brine
flowing into the expansion joint in the workshop in the process of using,lead to the cement matrix pulverization,the coating of terrace is damaged gradually.
Construction units need a kind of material to fill into the expansion joint badly,protect the bottom from suffering damage,prolong the working life of
coating of terrace.

wear abrasion resistant epoxy compound elastic potting adhesives performance requirements:
1.This material shoud have superb flowability,can flow into the expansion joint through 3mm gaps.

2.This material should have very good elasticity,should ensure to play protection role,when the coating of terrace generates deformation based on
suffering from stress or thermal expansion cold deflation.

3.This material should also have very good bonding strength,ensure that it can not fall off from the expansion joint.

4.This material should have excellent performance of water resistant,corrosion resistant and aging resistant.

According to customers’ working condition requirements,our company(Xiangyang City hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd) developed elastic
wearing compound potting adhesive for them,this material is modified polyurethane material,it has the advantage of high bonding strength,impact resistant,
aging resistant,corrosion resistant,good toughness and good fluidity.Especially suitable for crack pouring and filling of expansion joint,expansion and
faulted joint from new construction expressway,the national road,provincial road,workshop factory building,plant area pavement and various roads,
repairing of faulted joint from bituminous pavement and various road surface.The construction units use the flexible elastic potting adhesive products
from our company,solve various problems of filling and repairing expansion joint,expansion and faulted joint etc. successfully,it obtains good reputation
from various construction units.


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