anti abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound repair agent coating

BD215 high temperature anti chemical anti wearing abrasion resistant epoxy repair compound agent used in repairing wear shaft:

one of two-roller bending pipe mill crank geared and shaft connection is loose,the gear is out of the original position,the installation position of gear hole
and shaft is wear and tear,the holes take on elliptic,the gear hole basic size is 180mm

2.The maintenance method:
BD215 wear abrasion resistant repair compound coating is the industrial repair agent based on the abrasion repairing of shaft type,shaft hole type part
This repair adhesive epoxy compound is the two components,plaster/paste state,the compressive strength after curing is 142Mpa,the bending strength
after curing is 62Mpa,the working temperature is -60-163 degree.Finish the processing of relevant tooling mould,and smear a layer of release agent on
its surface uniformly,then do the surface treatment for the trouble location and smear the BD215 anti wear abrasion resistant repair compound on its surface,
after complete curing,take down the relevant tooling mould,the size of trouble location can get recovery,after doing the heating interference assembly,
restore the equipment operation,the equipment is operating normally.

Product description of BD215 anti wear abrasion resistant repair agent epoxy compound:
It’s the high performance wear&corrosion resistant polymerization ceramic materials compounded by various high performance wear resistant,
corrosion resistant material (such as:ceramic,silicon carbide,carborundum, titanium alloy) and modified toughening heat resistant resin.
Used in exactly repairing the friction and wear failure shaft,shaft hole,bearing block and other parts.

performance index of BD215 abrasion wearing resistant epoxy repair compound:

product name physical state standard packaging volume
operational time limit
usable time
BD215 abrasion wear resistant epoxy coating repairing agent paste 500g/group
325 45min 24h
color density
compressive strength
tensile strength
shear strength
bending strength
(Shore D)
working temperature
black 1.54 1428 573 381 626 93 -60~163

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