organic crusher backing compound filling material adhesive

Organic crusher backing compound lining plate filling material epoxy adhesive compare with Pb-Zn alloy:

1.there are too many air holes for the traditional Pb-Zn alloy after curing,can not give play to the function of backing effectively it can form a complete
backing for organic backing compound filled material after curing,it can make broken impact force be uniform distribution effectively.

2.The organic backing compound filling material not only has remarkable filling effect,but also has excellent bonding performance,make the lining plate and
cone body bond be combined for solidly,enhance the whole strength of the equipment.

3.Because of the hardness of organic backing filled material increasing,make the liner plate be out of shape and decrease,thereby improve the efficiency of crushing,reduce the power consumption.

4.It should adopt cold potting in the process of using organic backing compound filling material,except the shrinking percentage is small,its security and
environmental protection performance is also beyond comparison with the Pb-Zn alloy.

5.Using the lining plate of organic backing material epoxy compound,it is much more convenient than Pb-Zn alloy for disassembly operation.

Product usage of BD65 crusher liner plate filling material organic adhesive backing compound:
BD65 backing filling material organic compound(crusher lining plate filling adhesive backing compound) is used in the filling/supporting between
crusher lining plate and substrates,gravel barrels and jacket gap,support cone and protective layer space,at the same time it can be used as buffer material,
when the equipment suffers impacting or load vibration from broken ore, also used in the structural reinforcement,impact resistant vibration of ball mill
abrasion wear resistant lining plate and cylinder gap.

Product packaging actual picture of BD65 crusher backing compound lining plate filling material organic adhesives:


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