ceramic lamp base bonding repair anti wearing compound epoxy paste adhesive

BD812 high bonding strength abrasion wearing resistant epoxy compound structural adhesive used in ceramic lamp base/lamp cap/lamp holder repairing and protecting:


When a Zhejiang LED lighting lamp production enterprise is in the design of a kind of export products,meet the problems of insecure bonding and
bad aging resistance etc.For this purpose,according to customers’actual requirements,our factory(Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating
Material Co.,Ltd) develops LED light bonding repair special wearing compound adhesive–BD812 high strength bonding repair structural adhesive
through repeatedly testing.This adhesive has advantage of high bonding strength,high and low temperature resistant,cold resistant,excellent aging resistant performance,environmental protection without free component,the moderate curing speed.

Performance index of our BD812 high strength anti abrasion wearing compound structural adhesives:

physical state standard packaging operation time limit
usable time
range of application
paste Two-component
1h 6 hours With a high bonding strength, used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion along metal,ceramic and wood..Such as the bonding of machine tool lathe bed, all kinds of box body, big modulus gear fracture and so on.
color density
shear strength
impact strength
tensile strength
working temperature
white 1.28 328 328 685 -60~100



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