cement pump truck delivery pipe ceramic lining wear resistant epoxy adhesive

BD812 high bonding strength abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy structural adhesives used in cement concrete pump truck delivery pipe rubber ceramic lining repairing and protecting:


The working condition of pump truck delivery pipe is easy to abrasion,various the spare parts and the main machine manufacturers use various
construction scheme,the result is not good,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd tackle key problems for

too many years together with a company from Changsha,use the way of glue injection to make the combined type ceramic lining be fastened to metal
pipe inner wall for forming abrasion wear resistant ceramic lining,it obtains good using effect.

As the pump truck delivery pipe suffers very large alternating pressure,ceramic lining as the rigid abrasion resistant material,with the higher requirement
based on connecting and focusing of metal pipe wall,first the adhesive should have enough shear force,ensure

the ceramic lining will not fall off,next the adhesive should have enough toughness and impact resistant ability,only in this way,it can adapt to the pipeline
and bear the alternating stress effect,if the adhesive is too fragile,it will be tired,fracture and peel under the

function of alternating stress.Our factory developed and produced BD812 high impact strength abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy structural adhesive
has the advantage of high bonding strength,fatigue resistant and impact resistant etc. based on this working condition.

ceramic lining pump truck delivery pipe based on producing of BD812 high strength wearing compound epoxy structural adhesive in glue injection way has
already passed actual working condition verification by the main machine manufacturers,the working life is much higher than current using pump truck
delivery pipe.

The performance index of our BD812 high bonding strength wearing compound epoxy structural adhesive:

physical state standard packaging operation time limit
usable time
range of application
paste Two-component
1h 6 hours With a high bonding strength, used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion along metal,ceramic and wood.Such as the bonding of machine tool lathe bed, all kinds of box body, big modulus gear fracture and so on.
color density
shear strength
impact strength
tensile strength
working temperature
white 1.28 328 328 685 -60~100

Typical application of repairing abrasion and corrosion equipment with our anti wear corrosion resistant coatingTypical application of repair wear equipment of various working conditions with our anti abrasion coatinghow and where does our anti wear coating is applied


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