absorption tower pipe liner anti wearing repair compound epoxy paste coating

BD7053 anti corrosion abrasion wear impact high temperature chemical resistant compound epoxy coatings used in desulfuration system absorption tower slurry pipeline rubber ceramic lining repairing and protecting:


Absorption tower,absorption tower is the core equipment of wet desulfurization (FGD) system,made of the tower body,support beam,lattice beam,bracket,
tray etc.The flue gas contacts and mixes with the slurry here to finish desulfurization reaction.This area is mainly the corrosion together with abrasion.
The combined protective coatings choose the BD407 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion resistant coating,BD408 high temperature flake
anti impact corrosion chemical resistant coatings and BD7053 desulfurization system absorption tower repairing special anti chemical wear abrasion
corrosion resistant coating,to achieve the combined coating structure of the outer abrasion resistance and inner corrosion resistance.It has the wear
abrasion resistant layer to protect the anti corrosive coatings from causing failure by the erosive wear, to provide continuous protection for the workpiece,
the lifetime of the whole coatings depends on the thickness of surface abrasion resistant layers.According to the empirical data,the BD7053 desulfurization
absorption tower slurry pipeline rubber ceramic lining repair chemical corrosion wear resistant coatings applied to the absorption tower internal,
every 1.3mm thickness can provide the protection for the absorption tower about 12 months.

Product description of BD7053 desulfurization system slurry pipeline absorption tower ceramic rubber lining repair anti chemical corrosion
abrasion wear resistant coating:

The BD7053 absorption tower,slurry pipeline special anti abrasion wearing corrosion chemical resistant coating is the high performance high temperature
resistant, wearing abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material compounded by high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant
materials and modified toughening heat resistant resin.It’s the abrasion resistant coating of special using in desulfurization absorption tower and
slurry circulation pipeline.

BD7053 product packaging actual picture for your reference:

Construction case photos show:

Typical application of repairing abrasion and corrosion equipment with our anti wear corrosion resistant coating

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