powder selector ash hopper anti wearing compound epoxy ceramic paste coating

BD706 large particle high alumina ceramic bead filling epoxy compound anti chemical wearing abrasion resistant coating used in mining use powder selector ash hopper pipes rubber lining repairing and protecting:


The material in the ash hopper is the coarse particle of picking out,the wind speed is very low,abrasive wear of granular materials which caused by
sliding is given priority to,smearing the wear resistant coating is the most suitable for this condition.Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material
Co.,Ltd devotes itself to the research & development and application of engineering adhesives for years,developed BD706 large particle high alumina
ceramic bead filling epoxy repair compound wearing abrasion resistant coating,is suitable for the specific practice of ash hopper  anti wearing
abrasion resistant processing.

First of all,do the polishing,sand-blasting and roughening treatment to the ash hopper,in order to improving the adhesive strength.

Then wipe the bonding surface with solvent such as acetone or ethyl acetate etc,and dry it by airing for about 10 minutes,make the bonding surface
be dry and clean.

According to the specified ratio(A:B (mass ratio)=4:1),make the two components of BD706 anti wearing abrasion resistant ceramic beads big particle
filling repair compound epoxy coatings mix uniformly,then smear it on the bonding surface,the thickness had better be 2-5mm,the coatings should be
compacted when smearing it.

It can be production after the adhesive curing for 24 hours,If you can heat it up to the temperature of 60 degree and keep this temperature for 2 hours,
then do the post curing,can get the better comprehensive performance (can improve 30%).

Every time the quantity of configuring adhesive should not be too much,and the mixed-up adhesive should be used up before the coating time limit,
in order to avoid causing waste.

You should pay attention to the thickness of the coatings, it does not affect the through capacity of ash hopper bottom the most narrow parts,
in order to avoid causing plugging material.

Range of application of BD706 anti wear abrasion resistant big particle alumina ceramic bead filling repair compound epoxy coating:
Two components,widely used in repairing of various wear-out parts and the preparation of wear resistant protective coating on the surface of
various machine part which has wearing abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant requirements.Such as:the repairing and pre-protecting of pipe,elbow,
slurry pump, pumping sand pump, centrifuge, packing boxes, power plant desulfurization system slurry circulating pump body,impeller etc.

Product packaging actual photo of BD706 ceramic beads big particle filling epoxy compound abrasion wearing resistant coatings:

Typical application of repairing wear equipment from thermal power,cement,coal washing and mineral processing


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