blower fan repair anti heat wearing resistant epoxy compound paste coating

high temperature anti heat chemical impact corrosion wearing abrasion resistant epoxy compound ceramic coating used in desulfuration system equipment booster fan rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting:

Booster fan,wet desulphurization system blower fan generally is static axial flow fan,its working condition is similar to the original flue,
it’s mainly the solid particle erosive wear, its solution generally brush a layer of BD427 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion
resistant repair compound ceramic epoxy coatings on the static blade,and then smear 2mm thickness BD776 high temperature wearing
abrasion impact resistant silicon carbide coatings before the BD427 without curing.

Product usage of BD427 anti chemical impact corrosion high temperature resistant coatings:
It can be preparation of corrosion resistant coatings on the surface of machine parts of suffering from corrosion under the temperature
of 200 degree after using it together with our own composite high temperature resistant curing agent or used as the undercoat and topcoat of
BD428 high temperature flakes anti corrosion abrasion wearing resistant compound coating.This product doesn’t contain any organic solvent,
the curing product has no the micro pores,it can effectively avoid medium immersing through solvent evaporation pores and causing under-film corrosion.

Construction case photos show:


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