anti corrosion wearing resistant compound ceramic epoxy paste coating

BD705 anti chemical corrosion wearing abrasion resistant epoxy compound ceramic coatings used in cement plant coal powder rotor scale wear corrosive repairing and protecting:
The kiln head of the cement kiln,the feed inlet part of the kiln tail pulverized coal rotor scale suffers the serious erosive wear in the process of working,
the abrasion of the feed inlet and shell is serious,if you don’t solve this problem in time,it will cause the serious consequences for the equipment safety
and production.The traditional welding repair effect is not ideal,and increase the workload of workers,the waste of business capital and have serious
influence in the enterprise comprehensive benefits.
The new type repair methods:
Choose the BD705 anti abrasion wearing corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coatings with good wear resistant performance,
makes this problem get solving.Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd produced BD705 abrasion wearing resistant
anti corrosion coating ceramic epoxy compound  is the high polymer composite material compounded by the high performance anti wear
abrasion corrosion resistant material (aluminum oxide,silicon carbide,brown fused alumina etc.) and the toughening modified resin.
It has a high performance chemical resistance,temperature resistance and abrasion resistance.Can smear it on the ceiling and vertical with
8mm thickness,it’s not flowing, it can greatly reduce operation time and downtime.The operation is simple,don’t need the special tools and
equipment,and according to the product manual operating,you can grasp the repair technology and basic operation.It really achieve the time-saving,
labour-saving and money-saving for the enterprise,and  it has made a solid technical foundation for the improvement of the enterprise equipment
management level.
Repairing steps:
Do the preparation work well before construction,such as tools,materials etc.At the same time,clean up the scattered coal powder on the
equipment and ground.If there is partial perforation in the discharge port,use the 3-5mm thickness steel plate to hammer into a
corresponding radian repair welding perforation.
Surface treatment:
Polish with the angle grinder or do the sand blasting treatment to remove the oxide layer or loose matter on the surface of the abrasion parts,
reveal the metal original color.Clean it until to have no impurity trace with the clean cotton yarn and anhydrous ethanol.
Prepareation of BD705 anti chemical wear abrasion corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating
According to the mass ratio 4:1,make the A and B component of the BD705 wear resistant anti corrosion coatings mix uniformly,until that the color
is uniform without aberration.
Smearing/brush coating:
Blade coating the BD705 anti wearing abrasion corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy ceramic coatings on the surface of the abrasion parts,
and repeatedly pressure, make the materials press into each micropore on the surface,to ensure the bonding.Fill up the material according to
the abrasion size,and scrape the surface to be flat.If you repair the shell and other partial abrasion parts which has fit clearance requirements,
we should control the material thickness,not to exceed the surface without abrasion.
It can be complete curing after 24 hours at room temperature,can heat it with iodine tungsten lamp or air heater to shorten the curing time,
pay attention to not contact with the material directly with the open flame,and the heating temperature shall not exceed the material highest
temperature resistant.When the temperature is below 15 degree,the curing is not complete,need to heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree
and keep this temperature for 2 hours to make the coatings be complete curing after the coatings initial curing,achieve the best repairing effect.
After the BD705 wear abrasion resistant corrosion resistant coatings curing,the equipment can be put into use.

Range of application for our BD705 anti corrosion wearing abrasion resistant repair epoxy compound ceramic coating:
Widely used in repairing wear of equipment caused by erosion, corrosion and air corrosion,also used in preparation of wearing abrasion resistant,
corrosion resistant coating on the surface of various parts which have wear&corrosion requirements.Such as:repair and protect of power plants,
mines and other fan shell and flotation machine etc.

Product packaging actual photo of BD705 anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant ceramic coating epoxy repair compound:

Typical application of repairing wear equipment from thermal power,cement,coal washing and mineral processing

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