anti corrosion chemical resistant repair compound epoxy paste coating

How to choose anti corrosion chemical resistant repair compound ceramic epoxy coatings based on your working condition applications.

1.The selection of anti corrosive coatings,shall conform to the following requirements:

When it is used in the acidic medium environment,you had better choose the chlorinated rubber,polyurethane,epoxy,PVC firefly cinnabar,
high chlorinated polyethylene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene,acrylic polyurethane,acrylic epoxy,epoxy asphalt and polyurethane asphalt etc.coatings,
when it is used in weak acidic medium environment,you can choose the alkyd coatings

When it is used in the alkaline medium environment,you had better choose the epoxy coatings,you can also choose other coatings listed in
the first paragraph of this article,but can not choose the alkyd coatings.

When it is used in the outdoor environment,you can choose the chlorinated rubber,aliphatic polyurethane,polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fluorescent cinnabar, chlorosulfonated polyethylene,high chlorinated polyethylene,acrylic polyurethane,acrylic epoxy and alcohol acid etc.coatings,should not choose epoxy,
epoxy asphalt,polyurethane asphalt and aromatic polyurethane coatings etc.

When it is used in the underground engineering,you had better use epoxy asphalt,polyurethane asphalt etc.coatings.

When it has higher requirements to the wear resistant,durable and anti-penetrability resistant performance of the coatings,you had better
choose the resin glass flake coatings.

2.The choice of the undercoat

First: Zinc,aluminum and the steel contains zinc,aluminum metal layers,the surface should be closed by the epoxy undercoat.The pigment of
the substrate coatings should use zinc yellow color,shall not use red lead color.

Second: On the substrate coatings of the organic zinc-rich or inorganic zinc-rich,you had better use the epoxy micaceous iron or iron red epoxy coatings,
shall not use the alcohol acid coatings.

Third: On the surface of thr cement mortar or concrete,should choose the alkali resistant substrate coatings.

3.The substrate coating,middle coating and surface coating etc. of the corrosion resistant coatings,should choose the matched coatings which
has good bonding among them.

Typical application of repair wear equipment of various working conditions with our anti abrasion coating

how and where does our anti wear coating is applied

Typical application of repairing abrasion and corrosion equipment with our anti wear corrosion resistant coating


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