ball mill roller bumps anti wearing resistant compound epoxy paste coating

BD709 high temperature anti chemical impact wearing abrasion resistant compound alumina ceramic beads filling epoxy coatings used in mining use ball mill cylinder swell roller bump repairing and protecting:

In the running process of ball mill,the rupture and falling off of the scaleboard will cause the steel ball impact abrasion mill cylinder,small problem is swell,
large problem is perforation.We found there were many roller body swell phenomenons on the Daye coloured Fengshan copper mine ball mill during maintenance,changing the new roller body will spend too much time and high cost,the outage loss is also large.Can not install a new scaleboard directly as
the roller body is not smooth.Use the BD709 anti impact abrasion wear high temperature resistant coating repair epoxy compound of Xiangyang City
Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd to fill the leveling to install the new scaleboard,saving labour,time and cost.This machine uses 40Kg materials,
finish the work of filling the leveling for one night.After installing the lining plate,the equipment has been normal operation for 3 months.

Specific maintenance steps as follows:
1. Polishing,cleaning,drying the substrate surface;
2. Brush coating the BD709 high temperature abrasion wearing impact resistant special undercoat.
3. After the undercoat curing,blade coating the BD709 anti impact wear abrasion high temperature resistant repair epoxy coating and leveling;
4. Bake for 3 hours with iodine tungsten lamp to complete the repair.

BD709 high temperature impact wearing abrasion chemical resistant coating epoxy repair compound has certain elasticity,can withstand and slow down
the impact force of the steel ball to the liner plate and cylinder body,and has a certain ability to reduce noise.When install lining plate for a new ball mill,
fill up a layer of BD709 high temperature chemical abrasion wear impact resistant coating can effectively avoid or reduce the broken of lining plate,
and can effectively reduce the noise pollution.

Range of application for BD709 anti wearing abrasion impact chemical high temperature resistant coatings:
Used in the partial repairing and whole protecting under the working condition of the equipment which has higher wearing abrasion resistant,
impact resistant requirements.Such as:power plant coal transportation system transflux part,all coal washery transflux part,mining transport,
separation system etc.Especially suitable for moist or underwater environment,avoid using in high temperature transportation system.Such as:
slurry agitation tank,agitator blade,magnetic separator roller,belt conveyor roller,centrifuge,vibrating screen girder propping,ball mill end cover,
chute,pipeline,elbow etc.

Product actual photo of BD709 anti imapct abrasion wear high temperature chemical resistant coating:

Typical application of repair wear equipment of various working conditions with our anti abrasion coating


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