slurry pump anti wearing corrosion repair compound epoxy paste coating

high temperature anti chemical impact wear abrasion corrosion resistant epoxy compound ceramic coatings used in mining use slurry pump rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting:

Mining use slurry pump repairing and wearing abrasion resistant protecting process:

1.surface treatment:
Do the sand blasting treatment on the surface of the guard plate,and clean it with alcohol,acetone,ethyl acetate or special cleaning agent,
the substrate surface after this treatment should be rough,clean and dry.

2.mould installation:
install the fixed forming mould along the guard plate around,its effect is that prevent wear resistant materials from overflowing and make the
formed surface put in order for easy to install directly.The mould should have certain strength,it’s not easy to change shapes,the surface of
contacting with abrasion resistant material should pass the treatment,it’s not easy to be bonding by wear resistant material,it’s easy to mold
release. (the common methods are: Smear a layer of mould release agent or engine oil on the contacting surface,paste the adhesive tape paper
and newspaper etc.).

3.Using the undercoat:
According to the specified ratio,weigh the weight of the undercoat A and B component,and then mix them uniformly,then make it brush coating
on the pending-repair part uniformly with hair brush.

4.The preparation of slurry pump anti corrosion wearing resistant repair material:
according to the specified ratio from the packaging or instructions,weigh the weight of the A and B component exactly and mix them uniformly.
Every time the most quantity of configuring adhesives is not more than 2Kg,too much adhesives are not easy to mix uniformly,moreover the
usage period of some abrasive material is short after mixing well,configure too much adhesives,has not been used up until the adhesive has
already cured,result in the waste.The tools of weighing the A and B component and mixed abrasive material must be separated during
configuring adhesives,in order to avoid appearing the cross contamination for the pending-using adhesives.

Make the mixed-up adhesives press and smear on the maintenance parts.The smearing effect is the best after the undercoat initial curing,
the coatings should be compacted,flat and smooth.When repairing sheath, inside the sheath of horizontal circle above the horizontal and
slightly inclined to repair a week, after being wear-resisting material curing flip the other side to install the mould and at the other side of
the sheath in the circle above the horizontal and slightly inclined to repair a week, after waiting for curing the sheath placed in a vertical
position in the lower approximation level repair period, after initial curing is not flowing, rotating sheath will be next to just repair parts for
a period of repair on the horizontal plane unattended.Then according to this method,turn the sheath in turn,then repair the pending-repairing
parts by subsection until to finish repairing.We must pay attention to that the new repairing segment should be compacted to the previous
segment,each section must be compacted to the original repairing two annule,make it without obvious interface.

BD7041 slurry pump repair epoxy compound super anti corrosion abrasion wear resistant coatings can be complete curing for 24 hours at
the room temperature.BD7011 super abrasion resistant coating need heating for curing,each paragraph material of finishing smearing should
keep the new repairing parts in a horizontal position during construction,place it in the 80-120 degree temperature drying oven,keep this
temperature for 2 to 3 hours for curing.The new smearing parts must keep in a horizontal position,in order to avoid the material sliding
deformation in the process of heating.

Defect repair:
Go through the finishing curing workpiece carefully,we should configure the adhesives to repair the defective parts again.

7.Repairing the out of tolerance part:
The part of the out of tolerance influencing the installation should be polished to be the suitable size by angle grinder carefully.Add water to
polish on the polishing parts in the process of polishing,in order to avoid reducing even damaging the abrasion resistance of the polishing
parts based on too high polishing temperature.

8:Using the topcoat:
According to the specified ratio,weigh the weight of the topcoat A and B component,then mix them uniformly,make it brush coating or
blade coating on the surface of repairing parts,finish the process of maintenance after the topcoat curing.

Product application photos of BD7041 anti chemical corrosion abrasion resistant slurry pump repair epoxy coating:

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