large particle ceramic filled anti wearing resistant compound epoxy coating

BD706 large ceramic bead particles filling epoxy compound anti wearing abrasion resistant coatings used in the preparation of modified epoxy anti wear resistant coating:

Epoxy resin is the matrix resin of the most widely used in polymer composite material.It has excellent adhesion and dispersity for
various materials,The abrasion resistant coating based its preparation has good invasion,the coatings have very high mechanical strength,
and wear resistance,water resistance and corrosion resistant ability is good too.But the crosslinking density of ordinary epoxy resin after
curing is high,the internal stress is large,the cured product deformation ability is poor,not fatigue resistant and impact resistant.
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd thinks that it can improve the wear resistance of epoxy abrasion resistant coating
by the following ways

1. Do the overall modified for epoxy resin to increase the toughness,the BD706 big particle ceramic beads filling repair epoxy compound
anti abrasion wear resistant coatings of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd used epoxy matrix is the passed
polyurethane modified matrix.

2.Nano powder is added in the basic material,the additive of BD706 anti wearing abrasion resistant large ceramic bead particle filling repair
epoxy coating is nanometer alumina powder,because the surface area of nano alumina is very big,it can adsorb more molecular chains,
make the stress distribution be more uniform,reduce the friction stress of local area,with less abrasion.High surface energy of nanometer
alumina powder can be embedded in resin cured product,and form a stereoscopic 3d mesh structure,its “prick nail” effect has a great contribute
to the wear abrasion resistance and bonding strength of abrasion resistant coatings.

3.Add the abrasion resistant particle material to the modified epoxy materials,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd studying
suggests:for the epoxy modified abrasion resistant coatings,there are mainly two kinds of abrasion forms for the filling particle material,
namely grainy brittleness broken and overall peeling off.Brittleness broken usually occurs in particles sharp corners and weak edges,
when the filling material is spherical,the wear resistant performance of the coatings is higher,when the filling material is the amorphous materials,
the abrasion resistant performance of the coatings is a bit poor.Particle overall spalling is due to the material surface appears the selective abrasion
in the process of abrasion,basic material is grinding off,the filling particles are gradually prominent,when the contact area of particles and
substrates is as small as the bonding strength can’t resist the impact force of the abrasive material,the filling particle will fall off.

BD706 big ceramic bead particle filling repair anti abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy coatings additive filling particle material is
the surface active processing of high alumina ceramic ball,make the bonding strength of substrates and filling particle material increase further.
The filling abrasion resistant particle material passed the strict grading calculation,the coatings get the best filling density,and as the used
substrate is passed modification of polyurethane,epoxy resin and polyurethane form the interpenetrating network structure,can effectively absorb
and transfer the jet flow impact pressure produced by the bubbles collapse and fatigue rupture produced by abrasive particle repeated impact.
Therefore,BD706 anti wear abrasion resistant big particle high alumina epoxy ceramic coating has higher shear strength,peel strength and
abrasion wear resistant,cavitation resistant capability.

Xiangyang Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd is in the process of actual use,found that the addition quantity of BD706
wearing abrasion resistant large ceramic bead filling epoxy compound repair coatings curing agent has a certain influence on the wear
abrasion resistance of the coatings.Too little amount of curing agent is added,abrasion resistant coating can’t play their deserved strength,
too much curing agent will make the coatings be brittle,shear strength is reduced.Generally the addition quantity of curing agent had better be
slightly larger than the theoretical addition quantity,the BD706 wear resistant coating theoretical mass ratio is A: B = 4:1.

Range of application for BD706 big ceramic bead particle wear abrasion resistant filling epoxy coating:
Two component,widely used in repairing of various wear-out parts and the preparation of wear resistant protective coating on the surface
of various machine part which has wear & corrosion resistant requirements.Such as:the repairing and pre-protecting of pipe,elbow,slurry pump,
pumping sand pump, centrifuge, packing boxes, power plant desulfurization system slurry circulating pump body, impeller etc.

Product packaging actual photo of BD706 abrasion wear resistant large particle alumina ceramic coatings:

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