anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy compound repair coating adhesive

high temperature anti chemical corrosion abrasion wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coatings used in power plant desulfurization system equipment and mining use equipment pipework ceramic rubber lining repairing and protecting:

The advantages of BD series anti abrasion wearing corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating:

A high content of science and technology:
It produces synergistic effect by all kinds of high performance corrosion resistant material copolymerization reaction with modified
toughening resin,forming interpenetrating network structure,effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the polymer.It can be
preparation of the corrosion resistant coatings on the surface of the moist machine part of suffering from corrosion after using it
together with our own composite efficient moist curing agent,or regard it as the undercoat and topcoat of the flakes corrosion resistant
coatings.This product doesn’t contain any organic solvent,the curing product has no the micro pores,it can effectively avoid medium
immersing through solvent evaporation pores and causing under-film corrosion.

With excellent corrosion resistant performance:
The special point of BD series anti chemical corrosion resistant epoxy compound repair coating(product information from: is combining the anti corrosion resistant
and bonding technology.Corrosion resistant coatings react with the active molecule of the substrate surface,and firmly
combined as an integral whole,so as to achieve good antiseptic effect.BD series anti corrosive coating is a two-component
solvent,not only inherits the construction performance of traditional coatings,but also has wear resistant,high temperature
resistant,low temperature resistant,aging resistant etc.function,and other,even has flame retardant,insulation,fast curing,
curing under the damp environment,avirulent insipidity,green environmental protection etc.features.

The service life is long:
BD series anti corrosion resistant coatings (product information from:
have good ultraviolet resistant, weather resistant and chemical medium resistant function,because the film layer is compacted after curing,
has good shielding effect,its service life is much longer than the general corrosion materials.

Low comprehensive cost:
Because a single film is thicker,thus reducing the frequency/times of construction,shorten the construction cycle,can effectively reduce
the cost of the whole project,the comprehensive cost of BD series anti corrosive coatings has much more advantages than the traditional materials.

Models all variety:
According to the different corrosion environment,BD series anti corrosive coatings(product information from: can not only be used as internal and external corrosion resistant
coating,but also have a variety of models which can be used in high temperature,damp and complex chemical medium corrosion and high
technology difficulty requirements etc. various environment.

Operation is easy:
Use the conventional methods to construct,the construction technology is easy,construction site place is without limit,
the range of applicable temperature is wide,should mix it uniformly according to the requirement and mixing ratio before using.

Industrial protective coating application in various mining industry equipment

Typical application of repairing wear equipment from thermal power,cement,coal washing and mineral processing

Typical application of repair wear equipment of various working conditions with our anti abrasion coating

how and where does our anti wear coating is applied


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