sand pump rubber lining pipeline anti wearing compound epoxy paste coating

BD7044 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion abrasion wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coatings used in repairing and protecting sand pump guard jacket ceramic rubber liner pipeline:
A sand pump as the core component of sand-excavating ship,suffers the bad erosive wear from the sand gravel,though the sand pump
manufacturers have used hard nickel,high chromium etc.abrasion resistant materials to prolong the service life,but it will still appear
wear out phenomenon in the process of using, for the using unit,these wear out parts can only be scrapped.
Using Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd produced anti abrasion wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coatings
can effectively repair these wear out parts and put them into using again,the service life of repairing part can reach to the 3-6 times of the
substrates (BD707 fine ceramic beads particle filling repair epoxy compound anti wear abrasion resistant coatings can reach to three times
more than the substrates,BD7044 heavy medium anti wearing abrasion resistant repair coating epoxy compound is the 6 times more than
the substrates),the sand pump after repairing is in the process of using,if other parts of the substrates appear the abrasion again,
we can still use wear abrasion resistant coatings to do the repairing (the parts after repairing will not wear out within 3 to 6 weeks),
reciprocating like this,the service life of the sand pump will prolong for a few times,will get a considerable economic benefit.
In order to prolong the usage time for maintenance one time,customers can  except plug up the wear-out holes,can also smear a layer of
(4mm-8mm thickness) abrasion wear resistant coatings to do the protecting on the whole inner wall of the sand pump during repairing.
Construction case photos show:

Product packaging actual photo of BD7044 sand pump repair wearing resistant compound epoxy coating:

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