ceramic rubber lining anti corrosion wearing repair compound epoxy coating

The application of pipeline ceramic rubber liner abrasion wearing corrosion repair epoxy compounds under the corrosion,erosive wear composite working condition:
For the composite working condition of corrosion and erosion,the way for the general lining:At first,make the BD426 high temperature
anti abrasion corrosion resistant coatings etc.blade coating on the surface after polishing the metal substrate,and then make the BD706
and BD716 large particle ceramic bead abrasion wearing resistant filling epoxy coating repair compound etc.blade coating on its surface
again after the corrosion resistant coatings initial curing (about 30 min), if it’s necessary,you can also make the BD426 anti corrosive
coatings etc.blade coating on the surface of the abrasion resistant coatings for a time after completing the preparation of wear resistant coatings.

Performance feature of BD706 anti abrasion wearing resistant large particle high alumina ceramic coating:
1.With high bonding strength to the metal substrates
2. Don’t flow, with good form-ability,fast curing speed and good operation manufacture-ability
3.Suitable for the repairing and protecting of various wear,corrosion working condition.
Range of application of BD706 coarse particle wearing abrasion resistant repair coating epoxy compound:
Two components,widely used in repairing of various wear-out parts and the preparation of wear resistant protective coating on the surface
of various machine part which has abrasion wearing resistant,corrosion resistant requirements.Such as:the repairing and pre-protecting
of pipe,elbow,slurry pump,pumping sand pump,centrifuge,packing boxes,power plant desulfurization system slurry circulating pump body,
impeller etc.

Product packaging actual photo of our BD706 big particle ceramic bead filling wearing abrasion resistant coating:


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