delafossite flotation tank repair epoxy anti wear corrosion resistant coating

BD7052 high temperature anti chemical impact corrosion wear abrasion resistant
two components brush application epoxy coatings used in Tonglushan delafossite
flotation cell ceramic rubber lining pipeline repairing and protecting:

30 pieces flotation tanks of Tonglushan delafossite have serious corrosion and abrasion,they choose Xiangyang City Hundred Shield
Coating Material Co.,Ltd productive BD7052 flotation tank repair epoxy compound anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating
to do the wear abrasion corrosion resistant protecting for the entire cell body bottom.The BD7052 flotation cell special anti abrasion
wear corrosion resistant coating which developed by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd is a kind of wear
abrasion corrosion resistant protective product based on flotation tank repairing working condition,this coating has good protecting
effect of abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant,the facade is not flow,it’s easy for large area construction.

The main material(at present):BD7052 flotation tank wear abrasion corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating.

Auxiliary material:ethyl ester or industrial alcohol

Tools and protective equipment:
electric hammer,bricklayer’s cleaver,trowel,shovels,plastic scraper blade,angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,electric blender,
the flat end shovel,axial flow fan,electronic scale,power cord,lug plate,lighting lamps,helmet,mask,dust mask,dust face mask,gloves,
duster cloth,hair brush.

Construction procedure:
First the miners clean up the cell body and complete baking and dehumidification,the construction was turned over to us from the next day,
due to the old hat cell body,serious scaling,must do the dirt removing treatment,for the large area operation,the manual operation is too
slow to make us be desirable,although acid cleaning for dirt removing is convenient,the smell is too large,not safe.The large late cleaning
workload is not desirable,use mechanical method to remove the dirt for this time construction,frist use the electric hammer to do basic
cleaning up of the scaling layer which attached to the cell body for one time,the small area remnant can be wiped off with bricklayer’s
cleaver,do the polishing and roughing treatment with angle grinder after cleaning up the scale layer,the degree of treatment is based on
basic appearing metal base color,then clean it with ethyl ester or alcohol and dry it by the airing,the next working procedure is blade
coating of the BD7052 flotation tank abrasion corrosion protective coatings.

this working procedure should grasp three key points:
1.Configure the material:
BD7052 flotation cell abrasion corrosion resistant protective coating is made of A component and B component,must do the exact
weighing and configure and mix the material according to the mass ratio A:B=4:1,generally we should arrange the professional staff
for configuring and mixing material,the material should be mixed uniformly,the exact ratio and mixing uniform material is the
cornerstone of protecting project quality.

2.The material using time limit after mixing:
The usable time of BD7052 flotation tank repair anti wear abrasion resistant coating after mixing is 40 min at the temperature of
25 degree,should finish blade coating operation within 40 min,if the material is very slabby,even curing,do not force to blade
coating,should abandon treatment.

3.Should do the key protective treatment for the serious abrasion parts around the stator:
The coating for this part should be thicken,generally 8-12mm is advisable,the rest part is 3-5mm,the corrosive deep pit point
should be filled.

BD7052 flotation cell repair epoxy compound anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating is soft hard moderate,it doesn’t flow,
easy for construction,the skilled workers can operate 25 ~ 30 square within 8 hours,if there is no skilled workers,can also preferred
choose the painters and plasterers,but should arrange the professional staff for taking charge of configuring and mixing material,
the coating after curing should be smooth and dense,BD7052 flotation cell anti abrasion corrosion resistant repair coating can be put
into using after curing for 12 hours at the temperature of 25 degree,scale removal for flotation cell of the tonglushan delafossite,
will take 3 days for polishing and take 2 days for scraping materials,a total of 240 squares,the constructors are 5 people,among them,
the tme of descaling and polishing is longer,if it is a new tank or other not scaling tank body,it will reduce a lot of time.

The controlling of thickness and using material quantity:
first we should figure out the protection construction area of single tank body,we convert the needing-thickening process part to
normal thickness area,the density of BD7052 flotation cell repair epoxy compound anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating is
1.8g/cm3,converted to construction dosage is that 1mm coating thickness per square meter should be 1.8Kg multiplied by the
thickness of contract requirements,that is the construction dosage per square meter,according to this method,you can figure out
the dosage of each tank body.The packaging of BD7052 anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant flotation tank repair epoxy coating is
25Kg/group,can do the simultaneous operation for several tank body,figure out the total dosage of several tank body,make it be
close to the integer multiples of 25Kg as much as possible,only in this way,we can configure it based on the whole drum during
configuring and mixing materials,and then distribute to several operating point,can avoid the mistake of weighing calculation effectively,
the other can improve the efficiency of configuring and mixing material effectively.

Range of application for BD7052 flotation tank anti wear corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating:
Used in the repairing of corrosion, abrasion on the flotation cell which caused by potion and mineral grains,can also used in the
preparation of wear & corrosion resistant pre-protective coating on the inner wall of flotation cell directly.

Construction case photos show:


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