gold ore flotation tank anti wear corrosion resistant repair epoxy coating

BD7052 anti chemical impact wear abrasion corrosion resistant repair compound epoxy coatings used in Shanxi Zijin mining industry gold ore flotation cell ceramic rubber lining pipeline high temperature abrasion corrosion repairing and protecting.

There are abrasion and corrosion condition for Shanxi Zijin mining industry gold ore flotation cell in the course of using,
in order to prolong the equipment life and reduce the maintenance times,This mining industry company decide to do a
whole wear & corrosion resistant coatings for the cell body,they choose the material of BD7052 flotation cell special
anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating from our factory,this product is both corrosion resistant and wear resistant,
with high bonding strength to the metal substrates,not easy to fall off,convenient for construction and smear,and the facade
doesn’t flow.The cell body area of this mining industry flotation second workshop is 600m2,the coating thickness is 3mm,
the dosage per square meter is 5.5Kg.

Construction technology of BD7052 anti corrosion wear abrasion resistant flotation tank repair epoxy coating:
1.Clean up the mineral powder,ore pulp in the cell body.

2.Do the sand-blasting treatment for the cell body.

3.Clean up the sand and wash the tank body.

4.Configure the BD7052 flotation cell special wear & corrosion resistant coatings

5.Make the configured materials scrape coating on the surface of the cell body uniformly

6.Curing for 24 hours,when the temperature is below 5 degree,should seal up the cell body and heat for curing
with the electric heater and iodine-tungsten lamp.

Range of application for BD7052 flotation cell repair anti abrasion wear corrosion resistant epoxy coatings:
Used in the repairing of corrosion,abrasion on the flotation cell which caused by potion and mineral grains,can also used in
the preparation of wear & corrosion resistant pre-protective coating on the inner wall of flotation cell directly.

Construction case photos show:

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