mill vertical shaft erosive wear corrosion resistant epoxy compound repair coating

BD707 small ceramic bead particle wear abrasion resistant high alumina epoxy ceramic coating used in Raymond mill vertical shaft wear resistant corrosion resistant repairing and protecting:

Raymond mill vertical shaft is the hollow shaft,suffer high speed erosive wear from powder material,the wall thickness reduction,
smelting workshop worry that the strength will reduce further after rerunning and cause the production accident,then decide to do
wear resistant protecting for this shaft to avoid abrasion further.

The technical staffs from user/constructor configure abrasion resistant material to do the repairing with epoxy resin and abrasive material
by themselves,because of the too serious flow,tried a variety of ways,still can’t repair it well in a daytime,the equipment will be installed to
run the next day.The factory equipment department turn to Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,the technical service
personnel from our company rush to the construction site to solve the problem within 40 min,the equipment will be installed to put into
operation in the next day after curing for a night.The material is BD707 small particle ceramic beads filled wear abrasion resistant epoxy
coating,the abrasion resistance of our BD707 can reach to foreign imported standard,with high bonding strength to the substrates,
construction for facade is not flow,convenient for molding.

Range of application for BD707 small particles ceramic beads filling epoxy wear abrasion resistant coating:
Two components,widely used in the repairing of various wear-out part and the preparation of wear resistant protective coating on
the surface of various machine part which has wear & corrosion resistant requirements.such as:the repairing and pre-protecting of
pipeline,elbow,slurry pump,pumping sand pump,centrifuge,packing boxes,power plant desulfurization system slurry circulating
pump body,impeller,concentric reducer etc.

Product packaging and actual photo of BD707 wear resistant small particle coatings:

Product application photos show:

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