iron mine magnetic separator anti wear abrasion repair compound epoxy coating

BD7051 anti wear abrasion impact chemical high temperature resistant coating
used in bonding ceramic tile on the surface of the iron mine magnetic separator ceramic lining rubber sheet:

There are two kinds of forms of Chengde iron mine being used magnetic separator tube body,respectively paste the rubber sheet on
the stainless steel tube body and paste the ceramic chip on the stainless steel tube body.The cost of bonding rubber sheet on the tube
body is low,but the usage time is short,also because the water resistance of the rubber adhesives which used in bonding rubber sheet
is generally poor,it will have tackless condition during wet separation,frequent repairing and changing will cause enterprise stopping
production frequently,affect the production effectiveness,high aluminum ceramic has excellent abrasion resistance,it gets extensive
application in magnetic separator industry recent years,but it also has prominent problems in the actual use,the ceramic of bonding on
the magnetic separator is about 1.5mm thickness,the texture is very crisp,the larger ore particle in the material can often make the ceramic
tile break into pieces,cause the ceramic chip to fall off, discovery not in time will wear through the tube body quickly,if you choose the
bonding ceramic glue with both good water resistance and toughness,in this way,it can reduce the probability of breaking ceramic chip.

The BD7051 magnetic separator repair epoxy compound wear abrasion resistant coatings of Xiangyang Hundred Shield Protective
Coating Material Co.,Ltd gains very good using effect in the practical use,but most of magnetic separator production unit and using
repair unit don’t have enough understanding for this point,they often get the adhesive from the ceramic factory as a kind of auxiliary
material,but (the ceramic factories) in order to getting the biggest profit, can only choose the cheapest glue from the adhesive factories,
the performance certainly can’t get the guarantee,on the side even though you find the ceramic chip to fall off in time,it’s also not easy
to change,the gaps of ceramic chip are all very small,it’s very difficult to inlay the ceramic tile for the relict glue.

In order to solve the above problems,Xiangyang Hundred Shield Protective Coating Material Co.,Ltd developed the BD7051 magnetic
separator special wear resistant coating through large numbers of tests,it can be coating on the magnetic separator tube body uniformly,
and can form continuous the whole coating,bonding fastness to the substrates is also the overall package,has no shedding phenomenon,
the abrasion resistance is much more than rubber sheet,also has no ceramic falling off condition,after the coating is wearing thin in use,
you can smear a layer for use directly,the comprehensive using effect is superior to both bonding rubber sheet and bonding ceramic.

Material selection: BD7051 magnetic separator repairing special wear abrasion resistant epoxy coatings

Construction tools: angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,plaster knife,plastic knife,electronic scale,iodine-tungsten lamp

Auxiliary materials: cleaning agent,duster cloth,gloves

Construction technology:

1.Clean up and polish pending-repair workpiece on the needing-repair or pre-protective part.

2.Configure BD7051 abrasion wear resistant magnetic separator repair epoxy coating and make it be coating on the needing-protect part,
repair the surface to be flat and smooth with plastic knife.

3.Curing for 24 hours at room temperature,when the temperature is low,should take heating measure to promote the curing.

Material utilization amount: 3mm thickness coating,the dosage of BD7051 magnetic separator epoxy repair compound abrasion wear
resistant coatings is 7kg/m2

The application photos for your reference:

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