concrete high seepage reinforcement anti corrosion resistant epoxy repair coating

BD7003/BD427 concrete high seepage reinforcement corrosion resistant coating material

Product description:
BD7003 high permeability of concrete reinforcement anti corrosion resistant material is developed by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield
Coating Material Co.,Ltd under the guidance of epoxy resin experts,it is a kind of waterproof corrosion resistant reinforcing material
with high permeability.This product is a unique high permeability function of chemical grouting material,with strong adhesive ability,
and has excellent corrosion resistance,no by-products generated when react with curing agent, it will form a three-dimensional net structure of concretion body after curing,not only with small contractility,high mechanical strength,but also with very good ageing resistant performance.

Product performance features:
1.Has excellent permeability,can penetrate into the concrete within 2 mm to 8 mm.

2.Has good consolidation and mechanical properties,the strength of the consolidation layer compared to the original concrete could be
improved by more than 30%.

3.Has excellent freeze thaw resistance,ageing resistance and good corrosion resistance.

4.Construction is convenient,can brush coating or blade coating,with simple technology and quick work efficiency.

5.With high product cost performance.

Range of application of high permeability of concrete reinforcement anti corrosion resistant epoxy coating material:
1.The corrosion resistant and scouring and wearing resistance of cross-sea,river-crossing bridge in splash zone.

2.The corrosion resistant of large concrete water transmission pipeline and power station dam,petrochemical industry,power plant flue gas desulfurization device concrete facilities.

3.The anti-seepage corrosion resistant of shield segment in subway construction,the anti-seepage corrosion resistant and disease management
of sluices, aqueduct and water channel.

4.hydroelectric dam foundation grouting in-situ reinforcement and the reinforcement by grouting of concrete architecture structure crack
and defect.

5.The waterproof and corrosion resistant of sewage treatment tank (including composite waterproof corrosion resistant system)

6.The anti-scouring penetration resistant of the upstream face of water conservancy and hydropower dam.

7.large oil pipeline corrosion protection system.

Product performance index:
Compressive strength (Mpa)            ≥63
The tensile shear strength(Mpa)        ≥5.8
Strength of extension(Mpa)               ≥15
Bonding strength(Mpa)           Dry bonding strength   ≥4.5
Wet bonding strength   ≥3.6

The resistance osmotic pressure (Mpa)    ≥1.21
The penetration pressure ratio (%)        ≥319
Notes: The determination of cured products performance right age period is 30 days

Under normal temperature conditions, the storage life is 12 months.


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