ball mill lining plate gap filling castable pouring epoxy adhesive

BD938X(New models) ball mill lining plate gap filling castable epoxy adhesives,crack casting/pouring epoxy material

Product description:
BD938 ball mill liner plate crack filled adhesives are two components,liquid states,generate the elastic rubber material after curing,high performance/strength,with strong bonding force to the substrates,with good impact resistant strength,water resistant,abrasion resistant,
corrosion resistant,ageing resistant.It is mainly used in filling and pouring of ball mill lining plate gap,the material has good flowability,
sealing and closing to liner plate crack,has strong anti-scouring ability.

Performance features:
1.Liquid,two components,it can be curing at room temperature even curing at the temperature of -10 deg C,operation is easy and
casting/pouring is convenient.

2.With excellent performance of wear resistant,,its abrasion resistance is the 3-10 times more than the common rubber.

3.With excellent mechanical performance,its mechanical performance of impact resistant strength, elongation at break and
tearing strength etc is much more superior than common rubber material.

4.The temperature resistant is -60-90 degree.

5.With good performance of chemical resistant and low-temperature resistant.

6.The curing product has good leakproofness,the bonding strength is moderate,it’s easy to tear down of lining plate next time.

7.The elastic rubber material,the hardness is Shore A±55.

Performance index:

Project Index Testing standard
Appearance Uniform viscous liquid,without impurities visual inspection
Viscosity(Pa·s,25℃) 1.5±0.3(there is the difference based on different hardness) GB/T2794-1995
Surface drying time(Min) 20-45 GB/T2765-1995
Peeling strength(Mpa) 8.0±2.0 GB/T2790-1995
elongation at break(%) ≥50%-300% GB/T2788-1995
Compressive strength(Mpa) 50-90 GB/T2775-1995

How to use:
1.Surface treatment:Clear up or blow down the foreign matter from lining plate gap,keep the construction site be clean and dry.

2.Preparation:Make the A and B two components mix uniformly according to the specified weight ratio,then use it up within the specified
operation time limit.

3.Pouring and coating:Make the mixed materials be casting and coating on the pending-filling part,natural flow flat or floating,can also rotate the
ball mill to do the pouring and coating for the next part after the material initial/surface curing.

4.Curing: it can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at room temperature 25 deg C(the fully/complete curing time: 24 hour at 25 deg C temperature),if the environment temperature is too low (not more than -5 deg C) can take heating measures or prolong curing time to
promote the curing.

This material is the general chemical,should pay attention to waterproof and fire prevention in the process of transportation and storage.
Stored in the cool and dry place,the warranty period is 6 months.

Packaging specification:
Two-component,25 Kg/set,packed in a plastic drum.

Allergic constitution should use it more carefully.


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