magnetic separator anti wear abrasion resistant repair compound epoxy coating

magnetic separator repairing special epoxy compound anti wear abrasion resistant coating:

The main business of Shan’xi Leixin Industry Group Co.,Ltd is magnet powder production, processing and sales,in the process of magnetic separation,
hardness of the ore is larger,the tank sheet of magnetism barrel which contacted with the ore directly suffers impact from the granular iron ore continually,
it has serious abrasion,and even lead to magnetic separator magnetism barrel roller sheet worn-out phenomenon,once the roller sheet is worn-out,
ore pulp enters into the magnetism barrel,adsorption on the surface of magnetic system and lead to the locking between roller sheet and magnetic system,
or ore pulp enters into the bearing and result in bearing damage,it will cause the damage of the whole device.In April 2017,because of a few magnetic
separation machines serious abrasion from the Leixin Industry Group,they select Xiangyang City Hunded Shield epoxy resin wear resistant coating to
do abrasion resistant repairing for magnetic separator roller sheet,blade coating the polymer abrasion resistant coating is the most effective way to prolong
magnetic separator roller sheet,not only extend the magnetic separator wear resistant service life,but also easy to repair at any time.

Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd developed BD7051 megnetic separator repair special anti wear abrasion resistant epoxy coating
accoridng to the mine magnetic separation field actual working condition and production demand.This material is compounded by high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant aggregate (like corundum,ceramic particles,silicon carbide etc.) and modified toughening high polymer material,it has excellent performance of abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant,it has very high bonding strength to stainless steel,easy to operate and can repeat repairs,it also
has performance of water resistant,acid resistant,alkali resistant,won’t fall off etc at the same time,it is exclusively used in preparation of abrasion resistant
protective coating for magnetis separator barrel body,the comprehensive performance is better than wrap the rubber sheet and bonding ceramic tile on roller surface,not only can be used for small area repairing,but also can be used for the preparation of the whole wear resistant protective layer.

Construction preparation:  
Material: BD7051 magnetic separator repairing special wear resistant epoxy coating
Construction tools: angle grinder,wire brush, grinding wheel,scraper blade,plastic knife,electronic scale and iodine tungsten lamp.
Auxiliary materials: cleaning agent,duster cloth and gloves.
material utilization amount: for 3mm coating thickness,it about needs 7Kg BD7051
magnetic separator special abrasion resistant coating for 1 square meter area.

How to use:
1.Surface treatment:Do the coarsening treatment on the pending-repair surface, polishing with angle grinder or sand blasting etc,the surface after coarsening
treatment should be cleaned,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarsening,dry and fresh substrates,should be no greasy dirt and dust.

2.Preparation:According to the mixing weight ratio A:B=4:1, make A and B two components mix uniformly,and use it up within 30 min.Generally it’s while construction and configuration.According to the actual temperature,configuration can be properly a little more in winter,proper less in summer.If the temperature is too low,can properly heat up the A component to reduce viscosity for easy to configure.

3.Coating:The suitable coating thickness of BD7051 magnetic separator special wear resistant coating is 3 to 8mm.Make the mixed materials be blade coating
on the pending-repair surface layer by layer,the first layer should be compacted,make it infiltrate fully with the substrates.Repair the surface to be smooth
after the coating is coated in the suitable size.This material can’t do machining,should pay attention to controlling the coating thickness to avoid appearing
interference phenomenon in the assembly.

4.It can be put into suing after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 deg C,when the temperature is below 15 deg C,should heat it up or prolong
curing time to promote the curing.General construction in winter,can use the iodine tungsten lamp to do irradiation heating with 40cm distance from the coating.


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