flotation foam tank anti corrosion wear resistant coating epoxy repair compound

high temperature anti corrosion impact wear chemical resistant coating used in repairing and protecting flotation operation foam tank


Flotation operation foam tank anti corrosion abrasion resistant coating protection

In the process of flotation operation,ore concentrate foam will cause corrosion and abrasion to foam tank,after long-term operation,the serious corrosion
of foam tank body also affects rinse and collection of ore concentrate,it will affect the up-time efficiency of flotation operation.

On Dec. 2016,the foam tank of Daye nonferrous metals Co.,Ltd Tonglushan delafossite has serious corrosion and abrasion,they decide to use BD7052
flotation tank special anti corrosion wear resistant coating from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating to do the anti abrasion corrosion resistant repairing
for foam tank body (At the end of 2014,this company used our BD7052 to do a layer of protective coating for the whole flotation tank,after two years,
the coating is still unwounded),BD7052 has excellent protecting effect of wear resistant and corrosion resistant,with high bonding strength to metal,the
facade doesn’t flow off,easy for large area construction.

It can effectively protect the abrasion and corrosion phenomenon of flotation tank inner wall,it is mainly used for repairing agentia corrosion inside of
flotation tank and abrasive wear caused by mineral particles,it can also be preparation of anti abrasion corrosion resistant pre-protective coating on the
inner wall of flotation tank directly.

Detailed construction technology:
1.Clear up flotation tank body and bake for dehumidification

2.polishing and coarsening treatment with angle grinder,the degree of treatment is based on seeing metal base color,then clean it with ethyl ester or ethyl alcohol,
and dry it by airing.

3.The preparation of BD7052 anti corrosion wear resistant protective coating according to the specified ratio,then blade coating it on the substrate surface.

4.It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at room temperature 25 deg C.

1.The substrates surface: The pending-repair substrate surface should be cleaned completely,the substrate surface should be coarsening,clean and dry,
only in this way it can ensure the bonding strength of coating materials.

2.The preparation of materials: According to the specified ratio(weight ratio) A:B=4:1,weigh the weight of A and B two components of BD7052 flotation tank
special protective coating accurately and mix them uniformly,the materials with the ratio of accurate and mixing uniformly is the fundamental of site
construction quality.

3.The usable time after mixing materials:The usable time after mixing A and B two components of BD7052 protective coating is 40 mins at 25 deg C
temperature,you should use it up(finish blade coating operation) within the usable time,if the material changed very ropy even already cured,do not blade
coating operation forcibly,should do abandoning treatment,for fear of affecting construction quality.

4.Curing time:You should ensure material be complete curing,otherwise it will affect service life,the coating thickness can be adjusted
according to the actual requirement,generally it is suitable for 3-12mm,the corrosive deep pit point should be gasketing and strike off

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