conveyor belt cracking repair putty anti wearing compound epoxy coating

high temperature abrasion wear corrosion impact chemical resistant ceramic putty repair compound epoxy coating used in conveyor belt cracking repairing:
There are too many reasons for conveyer belt connector disconnecting and cracking,the strength of conveyer belt connector is lower than itself belt
body strength,the connector strength can only reach to 50%-90% of belt body strength,the strength of conveyer belt connector parts is much lower,
if the use method is not right,the connector strength will be lower and lower,it will appear connector disconnecting and cracking phenomenon more
easily during using,when it appears belt connector disconnecting condition,how to repair is much more important,it will affect the next production
operation and belt service life directly.
One of factories from Xiangyang is in the process of production,because of conveyer belt long-term volume overloading,it appears connector
cracking phenomenon,as the production task is tight,in order not to affecting smooth production process,they turn to Xiangyang City Hundred
Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,through understanding of their working condition,Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating decides to use BD801
high strength wear resistant rubber bonding adhesive and BD938N abrasion resistant liquid rubber coating,we take advantage of the clearance of
shifts,and finish in-situ repairing,it can not only ensure bonding repair quality but also not affect the next production operation.
Tools and raw materials:
Tools:angle grinder,wire brush,grinding wheel,plastic spatula,hair brush,electronic scale,hot-air blower
auxiliary materials:cleaning agent,duster cloth,gloves,BD801 rubber bonding adhesive,BD938N wear resistant liquid rubber coating.
Methods and processing:
1.Surface treatment:Do the polishing and coarsening treatment for the cracking parts at first,and use the angle grinder and wire brush to do the polishing
treatment,after that clean it.
2.mix the liquid adhesive:mixing moderate BD801 rubber bonding adhesive according to specified weight ratio,spread coating a little adhesive on the belt
connector cracking parts at first,place and dry it for about 10 min,after it has initial viscidity,then start to splice the belt connector.

3.Smear adhesives:Brush coating the adhesive for the well splicing bonding plane,the coating thickness had better not be too thick.
4.Smear wear resistant coating:when we place and dry it without sticking dorsal surfaces of fingers,the preparation of BD938N abrasion resistant coating
according to the specified mixing ratio,and brush coating it on the surface of initial curing belt connector,in order to saving time and making the coating
reach to final curing strength in advance and improve bonding strength.
5.Curing:we could start running after finishing bonding and heating curing for 20 min,(if the condition is allowed,we suggest you to stop running for 24 hours
and then starting up.

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