clarified water pump wear abrasion resistant repair coating epoxy compound

Dayudu water-lifting project clarified water pump special repair epoxy compound anti impact wear abrasion resistant coating

The first of Nov,2016,dayudu water-lifting project is a national level large-scale electric pumping station which is built in 70s of th century,it is total
6 grades 10 stations,the total discharge head can reach to 326.8 meters,the one time high lifting of the second grade station is 193.2 meters,it is second
to none in the domestic agricultural irrigation,but as the long operation time,aging and damage are serious,pump casing of main water pump is attenuation,
it has penetrable danger,it has endangered the safety operation of the project,the natural discharge head of the second grade pump station is high,
although the quantity of sediment can reduce by 50%-70% after the yellow river water passing desilting,as the middle embankment and north
embankment desilting pool can not be two-compartment alternant operation,it will affect fast speed sand flushing,it will make the sand content of
outer pool water be larger,

General sand content of each cubic water is about 10Kg,sometimes individual even can reach to 60-70Kg,it will cause
serious damage of water pump casing,impeller,clapboard and baffle tongue,and lead to water pump high and low pressure chamber complicity,
and make most of pump casing be take on cellular status,some of them have more than 15mm deepth,it has penetrable danger,flow resistance
inside of pump will increase,water flow regime will worsen,water pump efficiency will go down,the test result of pump station test centre doing
the sampling test for partial machine set shows that:the pump efficiency is only about 65%,it will affect the normal operation of pump station seriously,
if they don’t solve the abrasion problem,all levels of the pump station can not be stable operation.

Dayudu water-lifting project Debt Management Office passed discuss and filter,they finally decide to use BD7045 pump special abrasion wear resistant
coating of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield to repair clarified water pump abrasion parts,it will effectively increase the service life of pump parts,the
clarified water pump after repairing in the weekly check,if you found that each part of the substrates appears abrasion again,you could use wear
abrasion resistant coating adhesive to do the replenish repairing,reciprocating like this,the working life of pump parts will prolong several times,
the economic benefit is very considerable,in order to prolonging using time of repairing for one time,the customer can not only plug up wear through
holes during repairing,but also smear a layer(coating thickness: 4mm-8mm) of anti wear abrasion resistant coating to do pre-protecting on the whole
pump casing inner wall.

Construction technology:
1.Surface treatment:do coarsening treatment for clarified water pump pending-repair parts,grinding with angle grinder or sand blasting etc,the surface
after coarsening treatment should be cleaned,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarsening,dry and fresh substrates,should be no greasy
dirt and dust.

2.Make the BD4261 pump repair special abrasion resistant prime coat mix uniformly according to the specified weight ratio and brush coating on the
metal substrates surface.

3.Preparation:Make the A and B two components of BD7045 slurry pump wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coating mix uniformly according to
the specified ratio,then use it up within 30 min.Generally while it’s construction and configuring adhesives,every time the largest configuring quantity
should not be more than 4Kg,too much adhesive is solidified too fast,hasn’t been used up until partial adhesive has been solidified and can’t be used.
If the temperature is low,you can properly heat up the A component to reduce the viscosity for easy to configure.

4.Coating:Before the prime coat initial curing,make the well mixed materials be coating on the pending-repair area layer by layer,the coating should be
compacted,the suitable coating thickness is 4-10mm,the most thickness can be 30mm,repair the surface to be smooth after the coating coat in the
suitable size,this material can’t do machining,should pay attention to controlling the coating thickness to avoid appearing interference phenomenon in
the assembly.

5.Curing:It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 degree,(If you can heat it up to the temperature of 60-80 degree and
keep this temperature for 2 hours, in this way,can improve 30% comprehensive performance) If the temperature is below 5 degree,should heat it up or
prolong curing time to promote the curing.General construction in winter,you can use the iodine tungsten lamp to do irradiation heating with 40cm distance
from the coating.

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