ceramic filter plate edge sealing wear resistant coating epoxy repair compound

Ceramic filter plate bonding and the preparation of edge sealing wear resistant coating
The work of ceramic filter plate is based on the action principle of capillary micropore,use the micropore ceramic plate as the filtering medium,
take advantage of the capillary action principle of a large number of small micropore ceramic to design the solid-liquid separation equipment,
the disk filter under the status of negative pressure operation,take advantage of the unique through-water gasproof character of the micropore
ceramic filter plate,extract the vacuum of the ceramic filter plate inner chamber to generate the differential pressure for the external,make the
suspending materials from feed chute adsorb on ceramic filter plate under the action of negative pressure,the solid material is trapped on the surface
of ceramic plate based on the reason of can’t pass micropore ceramic filter plate,but the liquid can pass and enter into gas and liquid distribution
device(vacuum drum) efflux successfully based on the effect of vacuum pressure difference and the hydrophily of ceramic filter plate or cyclic
utilization to achieve the goal of solid-liquid separation,every piece of fanning strip from ceramic filtering machine is made of bonding together with
2 pieces of ceramic filter plate,in the process of the filtering machine running,the ceramic filter plate should bear definite pression and sealing pressure,
its outer edge should withstand definite materials erosive wear,so enhance the trouble prevention of ceramic filter plate,it can improve its operation ratio
to the greatest extent,reduce the fault and downtime,it is very necessary.

All of the general manufacturers of bonding ceramic filter plate choose the cheap epoxy resin adhesive,it contains a large number of sensitinogen,
the constructors appear a large number of allergic reaction in the process of long-terms glueing operation,it will affect the health of constructors and
the ordered process of production schedule,the BD813 one component high strength epoxy resin adhesive and BD819 elastic bonding adhesive from
Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd don’t contain sensitinogen,with high bonding strength,large sealing pressure,used as the bonding
and sealing of ceramic filter plate,it can effectively solve the allergy problem of constructors,the outer edge of ceramic filter plate choose the BD709 anti
impact abrasion resistant coating to do edge sealing,with excellent performance of wear resistant,it can resist the scour of larger particle size.

No 1: BD813 one component high strength epoxy resin adhesive:
A.performance features:
1.The product usage is wide range,it can achieve the bonding of different materials.
2.With very high bonding strength to metal,ceramic etc. materials
3.The stress distribution of bonding surface is uniform,without thermal effects and transformation for the workpiece.
4.Heat for curing,without waste.
B.Product usage:
1.With high bonding strength,the usage is wide range,it can be used in the self-adhesion and mutual-adhesion among the metal,ceramic,engineering plastics
and wood,such as:the bonding of dehiscent machine tool and tank body etc.
No 2: BD819 high temperature elastic epoxy bonding adhesive:
A.performance features:
1.With high bonding strength and strong leakproofness,it can resist large sealing pressure.
2.With good performance of high-low temperature resistant,the range of temperature resistant is -60-280 degree.
3.With excellent performance of ageing resistant.
4.has good shock absorption buffer action.
B. product usage:
It is widely used in the self-adhesion,mutual-adhesion and sealing of metal,ceramic,cement,glass,stone material and the plastic which has high
surface activated energy.
No 3: BD709 anti impact wear abrasion resistant coating:
A. performance features:
1.The wear resistant performance of BD709 anti impact abrasion resistant coating is equivalent to imported small particle wearing compound,the impact
resistant performance is much higher than the imported small particles coating,it can resist the erosive wear of larger particle materials,this product is
the exclusive production of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd,there is no similar products on the markets.
2.With high high bonding strength to metal substrates.
3.Doesn’t flow,with good formabil,fast curing speed and good operation manufacture-ability.
4.Suitable for the repairing and protecting of various abrasion,corrosion working conditions.
B. product features:
BD709 anti wear impact resistant coating is the high performance abrasion & corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material which compounded by high
performance wear resistant materials and polyurethane modified epoxy resin.Used for the workpiece repairing of suffering impact vibration or serious
erosive wear,at the same time,this material has excellent performance of chemical resistant.

Construction case photos:

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