vacuum belt filter conveyor anti wear resistant repair compound epoxy coating

BD938N strengthen liquid anti abrasion wearing resistant rubber coating epoxy putty compound used in renovated repairing vacuum belt filter conveyor belt:

About rubber belt vacuum filter conveyor deposited adhesive layer and core layer,if there is partial damager and abrasion,
liquid and foreign pollutant will immerse the rubber belt deep layer,will enlarge damage position of rubber belt,cause the conveyor service life greatly decreases,especially for steel wire rope conveyor belt,if the steel wire rope is exposed,don’t try to repair,it will not be able to run normally,also may be
up against scrap,so it will cause very big effect to the company’s production schedule,and replace the new conveyor belt is very expensive.

In March 2017,The rubber belt vacuum filter conveyor belt of Fujian Qingtuo nickel industry Co.,Ltd has serious abrasion,already facing scrapping,
affect the normal production operation,the partial drainage holes of this belt filter conveyor belt has already been serious abrasion commissure,
the rubber belt individual part has already appeared rupture,if you don’t repair it in time,the conveyor belt is about to scrapping,affect the normal production,
and even bring halt production loss,the cost of replacing new rubber belt is very expensive.By the survey and recommendation,the Qingtuo nickel industry
decided to use the BD938N conveyor belt special liquid anti abrasion wear resistant rubber coating of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating
Material Co., Ltd to do renovated repairing,this material has good application effect for wear conveyor belt,the service life after repairing is about 2 years,
the cost after repairing completely is not more than 1/10 of new conveyor belt value,the repairng process is based on site construction operation,
there is no equipment break down disassembly,the repairing time limit is short, effectively avoid the benefits loss of the company,
also saved a lot of money to purchase new conveyor belt.

The repairing technological process:
The first step: Polishing the surface of pending-repair part,make the surface expose fresh rubber substrates,and clean it with special cleaning agent,
or use dry duster cloth to wipe clean the rubber powder,the substrates surface after this treatment should be coarse,clean and dry.

The second step: Do the leaking stoppage in advance for the conveyor belt drainage holes with suitable diameter size PVC pipe or other utensil.

The third step: The preparation of liquid anti wear abrasion resistant rubber coating special prime coat according to the specified mixing weight ratio,
and brush coating it on the substrates surface,dry it for about 30 minutes.(don’t operate the coating on a rainy day or during high humidity)

The fourth step: Weigh the weight of A component and B components of conveyor belt special liquid abrasion resistant rubber coating with electronic
scale based on the specified mixing weight ratio,and mix and stir them uniformly,then brush coating or pouring it on the abrasion part surface of the
conveyor belt.

The fifth step: It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at room temperature 25 deg C,you should be starting up and use after the mixed coating
material complete curing.(if the temperature is low,you should heat it up or prolong curing time to promote the coating fully curing).

The construction case photos for this repairing:

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