desulfuration gas flue anti wearing resistant repair compound epoxy coating

Anti chemical corrosion impact high temperature wearing abrasion resistant repair putty compound epoxy coating used in desulfurization system gas flue protecting:

The velocity of flue gas of power plant boiler tail gas flue is large based on the transmission medium containing a large number of acid gas and hard particle,
thus the gas flue and corresponding parts will suffer intense corrosion and abrasion,especially for the gas flue tail,the flue gas and flue temperature scour it
directly for a long time,thus it is easy to appear the gas flue serious abrasion condition.

Desulfurization gas flue has two types:original gas pipeline and clean gas pipe,the temperature of original gas pipeline is high,basically give priority to
with abrasion,smear high temperature abrasion resistant coating material to do the wear resistant protecting,this part and booster fan are the parts of
desulfurization system with the highest temperature,the abrasion resistant coating must resist more than 130℃ dry state temperature for a long time,
at the same time,the coating should also have enough toughness,prevent the temperature quick change during starting up and closing down from
causing coating and metal cracking debonding or coating its cracking,the abrasion resistant of this part can choose the BD427 high temperature anti
corrosion resistant coating and BD776 high temperature impact resistant silicon carbide coating,in this composite coating,mainly take advantage of
the character of BD427 high bonding strength as the prime coat transition layer,smear the BD776 high temperature impact resistant silicon carbide
coating on the surface of the BD427 high temperature corrosion resistant coating during BD427 without curing,form the high strength bonding
based on abrasion resistant coating to metal.

Clean gas pipe is the gas flue which already finished desulfuration flue gas passed,the temperature is 40-80 degree(wet state),corrosion is its main way of destruction,at the same time,together with a certain abrasion,this part of combined protective coating chooses the BD407 corrosion resistant coating,
BD408 high temperature flakes anti corrosion resistant coating and BD7053 desulfuration system pipeline special anti corrosion wear resistant coating,
should use the BD407 as the prime coat first during construction,then smear the BD408 high temperature flakes corrosion resistant coating,in the end
smear the BD7053 desulfurization pipeline special corrosion abrasion resistant coating,form the coating structure of inner layer corrosion resistant and
outer layer wear resistant.All of the BD407,BD408 and BD7053 contains a large number of liquid rubber,on the one hand,it can prevent penetration of
water molecules to metal,on the other hand,it can improve toughness of the coating to avoid coating its cracking.

The selected coating material of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd for gas flue abrasion resistant has excellent corrosion resistance,
wear resistance,aging resistance and hot water penetration resistance,it can be high temperature resistant,and can bear the cycle of high and low temperature difference,it has enough toughness,can resist the vibration of the equipment and the internal stress caused by the different expansion coefficient between
different materials,it has excellent bonding force to various substrates, high strength of material itself is not easy to crack.

Construction attention to detail:
1.Make sure that the surface treatment of the substrates should be clean,dry and coarse.

2.Make sure that the mixing ratio of the material should be accurate,the mixing ratio of liner ceramic repair putty compound which offered by Xiangyang
Hundred Shield Coating is based on equivalent of the reaction, a component of more or less will have free substance which not participated in the reaction,
the overall performance of lining ceramic repair putty material will certainly decline.

3.Make sure that the material should be stirred uniformly,non uniform material must have the place where the bad curing is,affect the overall performance
of the coating.

4.The material should be used up within the specified time or before initial curing,already initial cured material can not use any more.

5.Should be more careful during coating,the material should be coating uniformly and be compacted,should pay more attention on especially for the corner
and summer-planting place.

6.Curing,the curing time is not the same under the different temperature,should put it into using after the composite coating material complete curing,
the physical and mechanical properties of the materials without complete curing is very low,untimely starting up may cause the damage for the
composite coating without complete curing

7.Detection,the quality of desulfurization system protective coating project can not only judge by your naked eye,must be detected with the help of
a special instrument,should do the leak repairing construction for the parts of having problems by detecting,and test again until there is no problems.

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