anti wearing abrasion impact resistant epoxy compound repair coating

anti impact abrasion wearing resistant compound epoxy coating used in repairing wear equipment of slurry pump,flotation tank, magnetic separator,ball mill,chutes,cyclones,slurry circulating pump,pipeline elbow,desulfurization absorption tower,slurry pipeline and original flue etc.

The typical application brochure of our anti impact abrasion wearing resistant coating material to let you know how and where is it applied on the
surface of wear equipment from desulfuration system,coal pulverizing system,material transport system,thermal power system,metallurgy,cement plants,
mineral processing and coal washing

PS: You choose us based on the following reasons:
         1.Offer you professional site construction technical support to make the coating achieve the best construction/application effect. 
         2.We could offer you professional customized packaging,sub-package and OEM services(adjust and improve coating physical and mechanical
performance) based on your actual working conditions.
         3.High quality and reasonable prices.Our BD706 big ceramic beads filled wear resistant coating and BD707 small ceramic particle filled abrasion
resistant coating are the equivalent to Loctite Nordbak / Devcon wearing compound in product quality and physical and mechanical performance
with lower prices.
         4.We could offer you small quantity (250g-2kg) free samples of each our model you required for your test,if you are willing to pay for the sample
freight charge.
         5.Offer you the professional and real application case from our site construction based on your similar working conditions to make sure the 
maneuverability of your actual working conditions.

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