anti wear corrosion impact resistant epoxy compound repair coating

The typical application of repairing various abrasion corrosion equipment from mining industry,cement plant,thermal power plants,coal washing,desulfurization system and pipeline lining with our anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant coating.

Our anti corrosion abrasion wear resistant epoxy compound repair coating can be used in various wear and corrosion equipment like slurry pump,flotation tank,ball mill,desulfuration absorption tower,slurry pipeline,magnetic separator,slurry circulating pump,original flue,cyclones,chutes,crusher and centrifuge etc.from desulfurization system,coal pulverizing system,material transport system,thermal power system,metallurgy,cement plant,mineral processing,coal washing,pipeline lining and metal surface installation ceramic etc. industries.

The typical application brochure of our anti wear corrosion resistant coating products will let you know how and where is it applied for
your various abrasion and corrosion working conditions:


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