ball mill liner plate gap filling pouring material epoxy adhesive coating

ball mill lining plate gap filling pouring epoxy coating material
BD938 castable special liquid wear abrasion resistant rubber coating used in ball mill liner plate gap filling and pouring/casting

Wanhua Lingbo is the public company of professional producing MDI in China,they choose domestic most advanced wet milling technology in the
coal grinding professional field,this company has 3 pieces large-scale coal slurry mill at present,under the condition of impact and grinding from steel
ball and coal slurry for a long time,it makes mill machine lining plate be abrasion seriously,and cause the gap between adjacent liner plate in the mill
machine larger than original lining plate gap.The slurry makes cylinder wall be erosive wear and corrosion through liner plate gap,resulting in appearing
large and small potholes.

When you change the lining plate,if you don’t do the processing of the barrel,not only the installation is not easy,but also easy to cause anabatic impact
wear in the process of subsequent production operation.In equipment overhaul of 2016 annual,ningbo wanhua chooses BD938 castable special ball mill
lining plate gap filling epoxy coating pouring material which produced by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd to do the repairing,
this material is two components liquid state,it will generate elastic rubber material,has high strength,with strong bonding force to various substrates,
has good impact resistant ability/strength,water resistant,wear resistant,corrosion resistant and ageing resistant,the product is mainly used in ball mill liner
plate gap/crack filling and pouring,the material has good flowability,closed sealed to lining plate gap,has good anti-scouring ability (During construction,
you can be preparation of one kit/set 20Kg for single use,after mixing A and B two components according to specified weight ratio,stir them uniformly
with electric blender,and then pouring it into the mill lining plate gap/crack directly.After that fill in the gap,self-leveling or blade coating leveling.

Constructor Master Zheng from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd brings 3 people to do the construction during this overhaul,
the material is about 2000 Kg,the construction time is about 6 days,it passed inspection and acceptance and sign by equipment operation department after
finishing construction.

After we using BD938 filling and pouring the ball mill lining plate gap,the ball mill runs using for one cycle,it will not appear the condition of slurry scouring
the bottom cylinder wall again,compare with using epoxy backing filled compound to do pouring,the effect is better,the ball mill of similar dressing plant,
coal washery,power plant and chemical industry etc field can all use our BD938 ball mill lining plate gap filled epoxy adhesive pouring material(castable
special liquid anti wear abrasion resistant rubber coating)


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