slurry recycle pump lining repair putty epoxy compound silicon carbide coating

high temperature abrasion corrosion chemical resistant epoxy ceramic coating used in slurry recycle pump lining silicon carbide repairing and protecting

Slurry circulating pump wear chemical resistant repair special lining silicon carbide coating construction

Desulfurization system slurry recycle pump is in the process of long-terms running,the pump body suffers damage from erosive wear,corrosion
and cavitation etc.The inner surface will be wear away/thin gradually,it will appear concave pit(corrosion),even appear gap,these concave pit and gap
will enlarge slowly and cause structural damage,it finally cause slurry circulating pump scrap,as the working condition of slurry recycle pump is very
scurviness,it should do the repairing and pre-protecting in time,when it appears serious abrasion,avoid appearing more serious result,only in this way,
it can save much more money.

Oct,2016,Xiangyang City 525 Pump Industry Co.,Ltd has some abrasion pump parts(pump body: LC550/750) which needs to repair,Hundred Shield
Coating uses the BD772 silicon carbide coating to be coating on the abrasion surface to repair surface defect.Considering the weight of slurry circulating
pump larger,transportation is not convenient,so the repairing work is site operation,we should control the coating quality and size allowance strictly in the
process of construction,the largest thickness should be controlled within 8-10mm.We do the coating based on the equipment shape,the surface is flat
and smooth,the coating end and metal juncture parts is smooth connection,the service life of pump parts after repairing with our BD772 slurry circulating
pump silicon carbide coating will also increase greatly.

Based on the working environment of slurry recycle pump,we could brush coating anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant silicon carbide coating,
it can very effectively solve the problems of mechanical abrasion,chemical corrosion and cavitation,recover the surface quality of pump body and
impeller,prolong its service life,improve the running status of pumps,improve the efficiency.

Construction technology:
1.Surface treatment: Do coarsening treatment on the pending-repair parts,grinding with angle grinder or sand blasting and so on,the surface after
coarsening treatment should be cleaned,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarsening,dry and fresh substrates,should be no greasy dirt and dust.

2.The preparation of BD4261 special prime coat and make it be coating on the surface of pending-repair parts.

3.Preparation:Make A and B two components of BD772 silicon carbide coating mix uniformly according to mixing weight ratio,and use it up within 30 min.
Generally it’s while construction and configuration.Every time the largest preparation quantity is not more than 2Kg.

4.Coating:The suitable coating thickness of BD772 silicon carbide coating is 2-15mm,make the well mixed material be coating on the pending-repair parts
layer by layer, the first layer should be compacted, make it infiltrate fully with the substrates.Repair the surface to be smooth after the coating is coated in
the suitable size,or use low viscosity abrasion resistant adhesives to smear the surface of the coatings.This material can do machining,if there is out of
tolerance,you can do milling and grinding process.

5.Curing: It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 deg C.When the temperature is below 15 deg C,the coatings can’t
cure completely,should heat it up to the temperature of 80 deg C and keep this temperature for 2 hours to promote the coatings fully curing after the
coating initial curing (can use the iodine tungsten lamp to do irradiation heating with 40cm distance from the coating).



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