rubber lining pipe reducer repair anti abrasion wear resistant epoxy coating

Power plant desulfurization rubber lining pipe concentric reducer repair putty epoxy compound anti wear abrasion resistant coating application:

In November 2016,China datang Xinyang Huayu power plant in the annual overhaul,found that the desulfuration rubber lining pipeline system pipe
reducer internal rubber lining has serious breakage,in order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of power plant,decided to do partial repairing
of demaged parts.The material is selected BD436 rubber lining pipeline repair wear resistant coatings from Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating.

BD436 rubber lining pipeline repair coating is the high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material which compounded
by various high performance abrasion resistant,corrosion resistant materials and modified toughening heat resistant resin through interpenetrating polymer
network (IPN) technology,because this material has the advantage of good stability,excellent film-forming performance,acid resistant,alkali resistant and
strong bonding strength etc,it has a wide range of applications.BD436 facade construction is not flowing,can be blade coating application,suitable for
vertical surface and top surface coating construction,it can form a surface smooth and smooth-going,corrosion resistant and wear resistant protective
coating after curing,can repair various pumps,valves,piping,heat exchanger end plate,blade and reaction kettle etc. of suffering from corrosion.Especially
for breakage and fall off repairing of tank lining,pipeline lining and chemical storage tank lining,it has excellent effect.

The construction steps:
1.Surface treatment: Do coarsening treatment on the pending-repair part,grinding with angle grinder or sand blasting etc,the surface after coarsening
treatment should be cleaned,the surface after this treatment should be the one coarsening,dry and fresh substrates,should be no greasy dirt and dust.

2.The preparation of adhesive: Make A and B two components of BD436 rubber lining pipeline repair putty epoxy compound mix uniformly according
to the specified ratio,and use it up within the specified operation time limit.(when the temperature is low in winter,can heat up A component in water bath
in advance,in order to mixing better)

3.Coating: Make the mixed materials be coating on the pending-repair part layer by layer,the coating should be compacted,make it infiltrate fully with
the substrates,avoid appearing the holes in the coating,the gumming area should be slightly bigger than the damaged area.

4.Curing: It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25-30 degree,if the temperature is below 15 degree,should heat it up
to promote the coating fully curing.(generally after the coating initial curing,generally use the iodine-tungsten lamp to bake for 2 hours with the 30cm
distance from the coating)

matters need attention:
1.the surface treatment of base material(substrates) must be clean,dry and coarse.

2.The ratio of materials must be accurate,the ratio of lining ceramic material which offered by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating is based on equal
equivalence reaction,a component of more or less will have free substance which not participated in the reaction,the overall performance of lining ceramic
repair putty material will certainly decline.

3.Make sure that the material should be stirred uniformly,non uniform material must have the place where the bad curing is,affect the overall performance
of the coating.

4.The material should be used up within the specified time or before initial curing,already initial cured material can not use any more.

5.Should be more careful during coating,the material should be coating uniformly and be compacted,should pay more attention on especially for the
corner and summer-planting place.

6.Curing,the curing time of lining ceramic repair putty compound is not the same under the different temperature,should put it into using after the liner
ceramic repair putty compound material complete curing.

Construction case photos:


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