impact corrosion abrasion resistant silicon carbide ceramic epoxy coatings

thermal power plant anti corrosion abrasion impact resistant epoxy coating used in repairing  boiler original gas flue,ceramic silicon carbide filled epoxy anti impact corrosion wearing resistant compound coating

In the annual overhaul of Xiangyang An Neng thermal power Co.,Ltd boiler gas flue,found that the abrasion and corrosion of the part from original
gas flue to absorption tower inlet are serious,partial position even perforation,the temperature of original gas flue is about 150-200 deg C,this area mainly
is abrasion,you could smear high temperature wear resistant coating material to do the abrasion resistant protection,this part and booster fan are the part
with the highest temperature of desulfurization system,the abrasion resistant coating should resist more than 160 deg C (dry states)temperature for a long time,
meanwhile the coating also has enough toughness,prevent fast temperature change to cause the cracking debonding between coating and metal substrate.

The composite coating for this part should be selected BD427 high temperature corrosion resistant coating and BD776 high temperature impact resistant
silicon carbide epoxy repair coating,in this combination we mainly take advantage of the high bonding strength features of our BD427,and use it as prime coat
transition layer,before BD427 without curing,should smear BD776 on its surface to form wear resistant coating for high strength bonding metal.

Construction technology case photos:

1.Substrates surface treatment:

2.Brush coating the corrosion resistant prime coat:

3.The preparation of wear resistant coating and blade coating construction on the substrate surface:

4.Waiting for coating complete curing:


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