ceramic tile installing trowelable paste epoxy compound bonding agents

BD131 installing ceramic tile use trowelable two parts epoxy compound bonding agents


Performance feature of BD131 cyclone repair special ceramic installation bonding trowel grade epoxy compound:
1.It’s the white Two-component adhesive consist of modified toughening resin and composite curing agent)
2.Water resistant,aging resistant, good toughness
3. Can cure at the normal temperature, can also heat up for curing
4. Used in the paste of cyclones wear resistant ceramic lining plate

product usage:
High bonding strength,good toughness,water resistance excellent,with the high bonding strength for the metal-ceramic bonding,it’s exclusively
used in the paste of cyclones wear resistant ceramic lining plate.

performance index:

product name physical state standard packaging operation time limit)
usable time
range of application
 BD131 cyclones repair wear resistant epoxy adhesive semi-fluid 5kg/pastic drum 30min 6 hours Used in the self-adhesion and each-adhesion between metal,ceramic and various other materials.it’s exclusively used in the paste of cyclones wear resistant ceramic lining plate.
item color density
shear strength
impact strength
tensile strength
compressive strength
working temperature
BD131 white 1.25 148 51 785 89.6 -60-150

How to use of BD131 two parts epoxy bonding agent for ceramic trowelable installation:
1.Surface treatment: Grinding or sand blasting to clean up the dust,greasy dirt and rust on the surface of adherend, clean it by cleaning agent
in the end.

2.Configure adhesive: According to the specified requirements,make A and B two components mix uniformly,  the mass ratio is A:B=4:1

3.Using adhesive: Make configured adhesive spread coating on the surface of adherend uniformly.

4.Curing: Initial curing at the room temperature for 4 hours,fully curing for 24 hours(12MPa), heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree
and keep this temperature for 2 hours,then do the last curing,in this way,it can get the higher combination property (can improve 30%).
The configured adhesive should be used up before initial curing

Packaging specification:
Packed in a plastic drum, A component: 4Kg/drum, 4 drums/carton; B component: 1Kg/drum, 12 drums/carton or 8 drums/carton.

Transportation storage:
Sealed storage in the cool and dry place. The warranty period is 12 mouths. Avoid placing it upside down, knocking against and transporting
it as a non-dangerous product during transportation.

Packaging photo of BD131 ceramic installing trowel grade two parts epoxy compound bonding agents

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