wet desulfurization anti abrasion wear resistant protective epoxy coating

The application of wet desulfurization system special anti wear chemical resistant repair coating:

Itself performance of wet desulfurization (FGD) protective coating material and the selection of materials is very important,the control and testing of the construction process is also very important.

We should pay special attention to the following details during construction:
1. The surface treatment of the substrate must be clean,dry and rough.
2. The ratio of material must be accurate,the proportion of material manufacturers provide by the equivalent response,a component of more or less will certainly have free substance which doesn’t participate in the reaction,the overall performance of the coating will certainly decrease.
3. The material must stir uniformly,uneven material certainly has the place of bad curing,affect the overall performance of the coatings.
4. We should use up the materials at the specific time or before initial curing,the material which has already initial curing can’t be used again.
5. we should be careful during smearing,the material should smear uniformly and compacted,we should pay more attention to the summer-planting parts,especially the edge corner.
6. The construction principle of combined coatings is that smear the next layer when the first layer is not complete curing,make the coatings form an integral whole.
7.Curing,the length of curing time is not the same under the different temperature,we must put into operation after the combined coating materials complete curing.Not complete curing material physical and mechanical properties is very low,premature starting up is likely to cause damage for not complete curing combined coatings
8. Testing,desulfurization system protective coating projects can’t judge the quality only by the naked eye,be sure to use special instrument to detect,for the part of appearing the problem,we should do leak repairing construction,and test again until there is no problem.

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