gas flue metal surface wear treating agent repair compound cleaning coating

Gas flue metal surface wearing treating agent repair compound epoxy cleaning coatings

Product usage:
BD001 gas flue surface treating agent is used for enhancing the bonding strength between metal and resin coating,it plays role of a
connecting link between the preceding and the following,make it hinge on the substrate and epoxy resin coating,achieve the purpose
of solid bonding force,this product is widely used in various carbon steel and alloy etc.gas flue metal material,with good substantivity
to most of common epoxy resin.

physical property gas flue metal surface wear corrosion repair treating epoxy compound coating:
1.Appearance: transparent or light yellow.
2.Viscosity: 62cp (25℃)
3.Density: 1.1±0.05

How to use:
1.Gas flue surface cleaning treatment: spray coating gas flue surface treating agent,then air drying for about 20-30 mins,after that do the
next working procedure

2.working pressure: 3~4kg/cm2

3.Spray coating standard: the spray coating of gas flue surface treatment generally should control the gas flue inner wall until without omission.

1.Avoid touching with eyes or skins,paste in eyes or skins accidentally,please clean it with plenty of water and soapy water,seek medical
advice in time in necessity.

2.The product warranty period is 24 months.Should be stored in a cool and avoid light (below 30 ℃), well ventilated place, away from the fire.

3.Should be sealed storage in time after opening the cover,in order not to losing efficacy.

The above information is for reference only, details will be subject to the actual working condition of the environment to verify.



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