desulfurization long-acting anti wear abrasion corrosion resistant prime coat

BD4079 desulfuration system long-acting anti corrosion wear resistant coating prime coat

Product description:

Desulfurization long-acting anti corrosion abrasion resistant coating prime coat is made of various high performance corrosion
resistant material and special corrosion resistant resin(the corrosion resistant performance is 2 times higher than vinyl ester resin)
and IPN (interpenetrating polymer network) to do the copolymerization to form the interpenetrating network structure and generate
the synergistic effect,only in this way,it effectively improves the corrosion resistant performance of the polymers,It’s widely used in the preparation of corrosion resistant coating prime coat on the surface of machine parts of suffering from the corrosion under the
temperature of 100 deg C. This product doesn’t contain any organic solvent,and the curing product has no any microcosmic pores.
it can effectively avoid the medium immersing through solvent evaporation pores to cause under-film corrosion.

Performance features:
BD4079 anti corrosion prime coat is the long-acting anti corrosion wear resistant coating prime coat which is researched and developed for desulfuriaztion system protecting by Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating,it not only has excellent corrosion resistant performance,but
also has good bonding strength to metal and rubber etc. substrates,it can make abrasion resistant layer be bonding to the substrate surface
of metal or rubber solidly.Xiangyang Hundred Shield Coating has the core technology,exclusive research and development production.

Performance index:

Product name Color Physical state Packaging Operation time limit
Curing time
BD4079 corrosion resistant special prime coat Grey Semi-fluid 20Kg/set 30 min 24 hours


Compressive strength
tensile strength
Shear strength
Bending strength
(Shore D)
Working temperature
1.30 836 412 189 537 80 -40~100

How to use:
1.Surface treatment: Rust cleaning and coarsening treatment on the pending-repair area,then wash it with the cleaning agent,after that dry it by airing.The bonding surface after this treatment shall be the one rough, clean and dry.

2.Preparation: According to the specified mixing ratio,,make A and B two components mix uniformly,every time the mixing quantity should not
be too much, it’s advisable to ensure that it can be used up within the specific operation time limit every time.

3.Coating:According to the crisscross method,smear the well mixed coating material onto the pending-repair area for 2 times.It is advisable to
make the coatings be 0.2-0.6mm thickness.The adhesive layers should be compacted,and make it infiltrate fully with the substrates.For large area protection,you can brush up the coatings for 2~3 times according to the real situation.

4.Curing: it can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25-30 deg C.It can’t be fully cured,if the temperature is
below 15 deg C,should heat it up (bake with the iodine-tungsten lamp or heat with electric hair dryer) to the temperature of 60-80 deg C
and keep this temperature for 2 hours to promote the coatings curing fully.

Packaging specification:
20Kg/group (Packed in a iron drum, A component: 16Kg/drum, B component: 4Kg/drum)

Transportation storage:
1.Sealed storage in the cool and dry place. The warranty period is 12 months
2.Avoid Placing it upside down, knocking against and transporting it as a non-dangerous product during transportation.



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