desulfuration long-acting anti corrosion abrasion wear resistant coating

BD7059 desulfurization system protective anti corrosion wear abrasion resistant coating

Product description of desulfuration long-acting repairing corrosion abrasion wear resistant coatings:
BD7059 desulfurization system special long-acting anti corrosion wear resistant coating is the high performance abrasion resistant,
corrosion resistant polymeric ceramic material which compounded by high performance wear resistant,corrosion resistant material
and modified toughening heat resistant high strength resin.We have the core technology and exclusive producing,it is exclusively used
in the anti corrosion wear resistant protection of desulfurization system.The effective protective time of 5mm coating thickness is not
less than 5 years.

Product features:
1.With good wear resistant performance,it won’t be cracking for long-terms hot-water soak.
2.With very high bonding strength to metal and resin substrates.
3.It is suitable for the protection of high temperature erosive wear and corrosion working conditions.
4.Hot water resistant,steam resistant,acid resistant and alkali resistant.
5.With excellent performance of abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant
6.With good toughness,do not cracking
7.Don’t drip and slip,the construction is convenient.

Product index:

Product name Physical state Operation time limit
(25 deg C)
Curing time
(25 deg C)
Range of application
BD7059 desulfuration system long-acting anti corrosion wear resistant coating Paste 40 min 24 hours  exclusively used for the preparation and repairing of desulfurization equipment machine parts long-acting anti corrosion abrasion resistant coating


Color Density
Compressive strenght
Tensile strength
Shear strength
Bending strength
Hardness after curing
(Shore D)
Working temperature
(deg C)
Gray 1.85 1372 512 158 626 95 -40-150

How to use:
After the BD4079 prime coat of long-acting anti corrosion abrasion resistant coating curing,check whether there is leakage point or not,
then do the next working procedure

2.The preparation: Make A and B two components of BD7059 long-acting anti corrosion abrasion wear resistant coating mix uniformly
according to the specified ratio,and use it up within 40 min,Generally it’s while construction and configuration.Every time the most
preparation quantity is not more than 2Kg.

3.Coating: The suitable coating thickness of BD7059 long-acting anti corrosion wear resistant coating is 3-10mm.Make the well mixed material blade coating on the pending-repair area layer by layer,the coating should be compacted,make it infiltrate fully with the
substrates.Repair the surface to be smooth after the coating is coated in the suitable size.

4.Curing: It can be put into using after curing for 24 hours at the temperature of 25 deg C.When the temperature is below 15 deg C,
the coating can’t cure completely,should heat it up to the temperature of 80 deg C and keep this temperature for 2 hours to promote
the coatings fully curing after the coating initial curing.


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