slurry tank repair epoxy compound wear corrosion resistant protective coating

The application of our BD407 anti wear anti corrosion chemical resistant coating use in the slurry tank repairing:

<Slurry tank wear & corrosion resistant> Longmang mining industry slurry tank abrasion resistant anticorrosion protective case
The slurry tank of Panzhihua Longmang mining industry suffers erosive wear and corrosion in the process of using,the protective scheme: do the corrosion prevention on the bottom layer and do the abrasion resistance on the surface layer.Make a layer of BD407 corrosion resistant coatings on the bottom layer of the tank body first,then paste the wear resistant ceramic chip on the surface of BD407 anti corrosion anti chemical wear resistant repair epoxy coating.
Construction technology:
1.Polish and clean the inner wall of the tank body.
2.Configure BD407 anti abrasion anti chemical corrosion resistant protective coatings and scrape coating on the inner wall of the tank body.
3.After the BD407 anti corrosion anti abrasion epoxy ceramic coating curing,find out whether there is defect or not,do the coverage repairing with the BD407 abrasion resistant corrosion resistant chemical resistant ceramic epoxy coatings for the defective parts.
4.Configure BD121 wear resistant ceramic adhesive and scrape coating on the surface of BD407 uniformly.
5.Make the ceramic chip paste on it uniformly,and knock on it to be flat and compacted with rubber hammer.
6.Curing for 24 hours,when the temperature is low,should take properly heating measures to promote the curing.

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