high performance crusher filled epoxy backing compound repair adhesive

The product description of BD65 high impact strength high performance crusher filled epoxy backing compound


Product Name:
BD65 crusher filled repairing special epoxy backing compound.

Packing specification:
20Kg/group,packed in a iron drum, 10kg/group,packed in a plastic drum.

Product usage:
BD65 crusher filled backing adhesives(crusher backing filled epoxy compound) is used in the filling/supporting between crusher lining plate and substrates,gravel barrels and jacket gap,support cone and protective layer space,at the same time it can be used as buffer material,when the equipment suffers impacting or load vibration from broken ore, also used in the structural reinforcement,impact resistant vibration of ball mill wear resistant lining plate and cylinder gap.

performance features:
Before curing: with good fluidity and strong filling ability,easy to operate,safety and environmental protection.
After curing: with low shrinking percentage and good adhesion,bearing capacity is high,can tear down.

  BD65 crusher filled backing epoxy compound performance index:
  Modified epoxy material,two component,gray fluid
  Color: A component: gray, B component: brown
  Viscosity: A component: 40000, B component: 250±50mPa.s(GB/T2791-1995)
  Density:A component: 1.6, B component: 1.01g/cm3 (GB/T13354-1992)
  Compressive strength after curing:120 Mpa (GB/T2791-1995)
  Shear strength after curing:12.3 Mpa (GB/T7124-1996)
  Hardness after curing:Shore D85 (GB/T2144-1980)
  Shrinkage ratio after curing: 0.01%
  Cooperation ratio(A : B),weight ratio 8:1,volume ratio  5:1
  Pot life:15 min,the shortest curing time before operation:12h
  Operation temperature:5℃-30℃
  The temperature resistant after curing:-50 -170 degree.

BD65 crusher filled epoxy backing adhesive use technology:
1.Cleaning up and preparation:  
Clean up the residual filling material of the cone surface,or greasy dirt and dirt from the parts where touch with adhesive.Fit up the cone and lining plate,seal up the cone/lining plate fitting surface and ring hole with adhesive tape etc,to avoid leaking adhesive,in necessity,protect the screw thread on the axis,construction is in the temperature of 5℃-30℃ as far as possible during using.General construction in winter,you had better heat the A component up to the temperature of 25℃-35℃ separately to reduce viscosity for easy to pour.For ease of disassembly next time,the cone and lining plate surface can precoat proper engine oil or mold release agent.

2.Preparation of adhesive:  

Make the blender fix on low speed electric hand drill,Open the A component of BD65,stir it for 1 minute,then pour the B component into the A component drum at the same time stir it with the electric blender,it’s OK for color uniform,general stirring time is not more than 4 minutes.
Operation time:The total time from start mixing to finish filling is not more than 15 minutes(the data for 20℃)
Make the mixed-up BD65 adhesive solution pour into it along the cone or a place of lining plate crack,easy to exhaust,in necessity,can make a cofferdam guide with plasticine etc,until overflow from the top of crack.Don’t pour into the adhesive without mixing uniformly(with different colors)

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