high impact strength crusher backing filled epoxy compound adhesive

The application of our BD65 and BD66 high impact protective crusher filled backing epoxy compound:

Crusher is the universal use equipment of metallurgy,building materials,chemical industry and water & electricity departments,used in the large particles ore or rock breaking into smaller particles to facilitate the follow-up work.Crusher in general can be divided into the gyratory crusher,jaw crusher, counterattack crusher,cone crusher,rotary disc crusher and grinder,the widely application of them are gyratory crusher and cone crusher.
Gyratory crusher is used for coarse crushing,and cone crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing and fine crushing,most of these crushers use Pb-Zn alloy as the backing materials before.As the Pb-Zn alloy is toxic,and the operation temperature is high,site operation has big risk,this crusher is gradually replaced by organic backing material.Widely application of the organic backing materials mainly have two kinds of products:common performance backing compound and high performance backing filled compound.Among them,the common performance backing epoxy compound is specially used for cone crusher,the high performance backing materials are specially used for coarse gyratory crusher.They are used for construction at room temperature (15 to 40 degree),the BD66 backing materials of Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd can construct in the environment temperature of more than -5 degree,don’t need the special equipment,has strong hydrolysis resistance and volume stability,thus preventing it from appearing clearance among the backing material,lining plate and the cone.The usage temperature of BD65 modified epoxy backing materials after curing is – 50 to 170 degree,the BD66 modified PU backing filling compound is -60 to 100 degree.
Second:How to use
1.The surface treatment: 
Clean up the crusher cone surface and the lining plate inner surface,and remove the surface attachments.
2.Install the lining plate:
For the dynamic cone,can make the handle well lining plate (including upper and lower two segment lining plate) install on the cone directly,seal the seams well with the silly putty,clay or cement,for fixed cone,install the bottom two layers of lining plate first.
3.The preparation of adhesives:
Make the backing material B component (small drum) pour into the backing material A component(large drum) and stir them uniformly.First you had better pre-stir the backing material A component for a few minutes before mixing,then add the curing agent B component into it to mix them uniformly.When the temperature is low in winter,the viscosity of the backing material A component is large,can preheat the backing material A component up to the temperature of 25-45 degree separately,then stir and mix them.
4.Using adhesives: 
For the moving cone,make the mixed-up adhesives pour into the aperture of the cone and lining plate directly until to fill up.For fixed cone,make the mixed-up adhesive pour into the aperture of the cone and liner plate,fill up the bottom two layers of lining plate,then install the middle and top four layers of lining plate,make the mixed-up adhesives pour into the aperture of the cone and liner plate after sealing well until to fill up.
Place it to cure for 12-24 hours at room temperature (20 degree),the temperature has great effects on the curing time,the curing is fast for high temperature, and the curing is slow for low temperature,it can be put into use to cure for 12 hours generally in summer,it can be put into use to cure for 24 hours in winter.When the temperature is too low,you should heat it for curing.It is difficult for the BD65 crusher filled special backing adhesive to cure at the below 5 degree environment temperature,it’s difficult for the BD66 crusher filled backing epoxy compound to cure at the below -5 degree environment temperature,if the temperature is lower than the specified requirement during using,all need to heat curing to ensure the performance of the product.
Third: Matters need attention
1 The proportion should be accurate during mixing
2 We should make the mixed-up adhesives pour into the cone within the specified time,the BD65 and BD66 operational time are both 15 mins.
3 We should mix them  in the ventilation and without open flame place.
Fourth:The comparison between the organic backing material and the Pb-Zn alloy.
1.There are too many air holes after the traditional Pb-Zn alloy curing,can not effectively play the role of the backing,it can form a complete backing after the organic backing materials curing,it’s effective in the broken impact force average distribution.
2.Not only the filling effect of the organic backing materials is remarkable,but also has excellent adhesive property,makes the lining plate and cone be solid combination as a whole,to enhance the overall strength of equipment.

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